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Godfather OG feminized
Godfather OG feminized seeds
C. Banana feminized
C. Banana feminized seeds
Gorilla Glue autoflower
Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
AK-47 autoflower
AK-47 autoflower seeds
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized seeds
ACDC feminized
ACDC feminized seeds
Bruce Banner feminized
Bruce Banner feminized seeds
Bruce Banner autoflower
Bruce Banner autoflower seeds
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds
AK-48 autoflower
AK-48 autoflower seeds
Zkittlez Autoflower
White Widow feminized
White Widow feminized seeds
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Hybrid weed seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Hybrid Weed Seeds

Whether you choose feminized seeds or autoflower seeds, chances are that you just picked a hybrid strain. After all, the most popular cannabis varieties are created from an optimal mix of existing strains. By crossing pure varieties of both indica and sativa with each other, new hybrid strains are created that possess the best properties and effects. Crossing strains is not only done with cannabis plants grown from high THC seeds, but also CBD and CBG seeds are being used for the creation of hybrid marijuana plants.

New hybrid weed strains are being experimented with for recreational and medicinal use. Hybrid marijuana has also become an important ingredient for CBD oils and various cosmetic products.

Suitable for

Hybrid seeds are suitable for:

Beginner and advanced growers

Because the range of hybrid cannabis strains on offer is so vast, these seeds are suitable for anyone who wants to grow their own cannabis at home. Whether you are experienced or a first-time grower, there are plenty of choices, from advanced strains with a challenge to seeds for beginners. Check out our wide range of weed seeds and order your favorite hybrid seeds.

Cannabis lovers with a specific preference

Hybrid seeds have the best properties and are among the most popular cannabis seeds. All these seeds have been manipulated in such a way that taste, effect, and flowering process have been improved compared to their predecessors. So if you have a specific preference, use the filters in our catalog, and browse for your favorite hybrid variety. You can be sure that you will find a strain that fits your needs.

Indoor or outdoor growing

Our hybrid marijuana seeds are very suitable for grows both outdoors and indoors or in greenhouses. When you grow outdoors, be aware that some hybrid strains are very picky when it comes to the climate. Check the seeds page in question, and if your climate does not match, either pick a hybrid strain that does or consider growing marijuana inside.

Advantages of hybrid marijuana seeds

The best of both worlds

All hybrid marijuana seeds were created after bringing two strains together. This way, you are assured of the best quality. Taste, smell, and effect are also improved when compared to the originals. This is, in part, subjective to preference, but it cannot be denied that a crossed strain can take the best traits from both parent strains.

Optimized efficiency

Both the size and yield of hybrid plants are often optimized, so growing hybrid marijuana seeds can be very efficient; try to use your grow room to the best of your ability with high yielding seeds or short cannabis strains.

Shorter average flowering time

Hybrid cannabis plants have been manipulated in such a way that many of these hybrid strains have a significantly shorter flowering period than some of the more pure indica and pure sativa strains.

Mold resistant

Hybrid plants have been made more resistant to fungi and/or diseases. If you want to grow outside, in a more humid environment, it can be a good idea to choose hybrid cannabis seeds. In case you are looking for specific strains that are not prone to get moldy, check out our mold resistant strains.

Ease of growth

Most of these strains are easy and successful to grow. Especially the autoflower versions, as they tend to be both hardy and forgiving of growers' mistakes.

The most popular hybrid marijuana strains

Our customers have great taste when it comes to choosing the right cannabis seeds! When you buy hybrid seeds, it can't hurt to look at what other growers have cultivated before you. We have selected three of the most popular hybrid marijuana strains, so you don't have to look any further.

Godfather OG feminized seeds

Godfather OG is the real deal. She is one of the most powerful hybrid marijuana strains in our catalog. We believe that is, at least partially, the reason why so many growers clamor to grow this don of strain. Another reason to grow these feminized cannabis seeds is that her indica-dominant plants are rather sturdy and relatively easy to grow, with a great harvest to boot.

AK-47 autoflower seeds

One of the easiest hybrid marijuana strains to grow, AK-47 is the number one choice for seeds to grow for beginners. This indica dominant strain is very resilient and forgiving of mistakes made by growers. AK-47 auto is also an excellent option when you don't have a lot of growing space, as she can be grown almost anywhere, even your balcony!

Bruce Banner feminized seeds

Greener than the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner has been grown in many gardens and grow rooms. What makes this marvelous plant so alluring to our customers? Perhaps a great indoor and outdoor yield? Or what about her balanced indica and sativa genetics, making her a super powerful hybrid that combines a relaxing body buzz with a head high that will uplift and inspire? Or her interesting aroma mixing the pungency of diesel with the sweetness of berries? Enough reasons to try out and grow her feminized cannabis seeds (we also offer this hybrid strain as Bruce Banner autoflower seeds).

Buy the best hybrid seeds at WeedSeedsExpress

Why use WeedSeedsExpress

We at WeedSeedsExpress want every grow to be successful. That is why we only offer the highest quality hybrid seeds, no matter what strain you are looking to grow. We don't only offer classic hybrid strains like White Widow and Northern Lights, but we also are constantly looking to add brand-new hybrid weed strains to our seed bank collection.

When you buy hybrid cannabis seeds, it's always a great idea to look out for the specific qualities you want in a strain. Browse our catalog, and dive into the different hybrid seeds pages to figure out which variety fits your grow.

One thing we know for sure: you are in for the grow of a lifetime if you order your hybrid seeds today at WeedSeedsExpress.

Hybrid seeds FAQs

What are hybrid seeds?

Like all other plants, cannabis plants exist as pure strains or as a mix of two or more species. When the genetics of the seeds are manipulated by humans, we speak of hybrid seeds.

We distinguish five different types of hybrids:

  • Mix of Indica & Indica: a cross between two strains with indica genetics

  • Sativa & Sativa mix: a cross between two Sativa strains

  • Sativa & Indica mix: a cross between a Sativa and Indica in which the Sativa is dominant

  • Mix of Indica x Sativa: a cross of an Indica and Sativa in which the Indica is dominant

  • Autoflowering: a cross of one of the above combinations, where the hybrid is crossed with ruderalis genetics to create an autoflowering variety.

How are hybrid cannabis seeds created?

Creating new cannabis strains follows a set process. Breeders choose a male and female cannabis plant that possess popular traits, and that should be reflected in the final hybrid strain. The male plant pollinates the female marijuana plant to then collect the seeds from the female plant and germinate them again. These initial seeds are also called F1 hybrid cannabis seeds.

The process of re-pollinating, recapturing the seeds, re-growing, and re-pollinating is repeated until the intended results are achieved. This often requires three or more generations. Finally, the new hybrid must be stabilized. This is done by crossing the new hybrid with its parents.

To ensure that the new species retains its characteristics, an asexual reproduction process is used. This includes cloning, cuttings, and division of roots.

Are hybrid weed seeds feminized?

Not all our hybrid marijuana seeds are feminized cannabis seeds. If you choose regular cannabis seeds, there is a 50/50 chance you will get male plants, which can screw up your harvest, meaning an overall lower yield.

In case you want to make sure all your weed plants grow buds only, you should buy autoflower or feminized cannabis seeds.

How long do hybrid marijuana seeds last?

We would always advise growing your hybrid marijuana seeds as soon as possible, but circumstances may not always permit, especially if you buy them during a sale. If you don't have the space to grow all the cannabis seeds at once, don't fret, as they remain usable for quite a while, as long as you store them the right way.

To ensure that the marijuana seeds remain fresh and viable for future use, put them in your refrigerator. This is because the fridge provides a cool, dry, and dark environment that helps preserve the quality of the hybrid seeds, allowing them to be ready for germination whenever you're ready to use them.

If you store your cannabis seeds in a cool and dry location like your refrigerator, they can remain viable for several years. Conversely, if you keep them in a humid, sunlit location, the seeds' shelf life will be significantly shorter, lasting you less than a year.

Do hybrid cannabis strains get you more high?

Not per definition. While many of our hybrid marijuana strains can get you higher than some pure sativa and indica strains, it all depends on the strain in question.

To draw a comparison, if you just look at THC percentage (which we know does not tell the whole story, but is the easiest way to measure potency), Hindu Kush, one of our pure indica strains, has a THC content of 19%. Bubblegum, a full-on 50/50 hybrid, has the same THC levels.

How do you know if a seed is a hybrid weed strain?

Looking at a seed, it is hard to tell what type of marijuana plant will sprout. In general, you can recognize a cannabis seed by its brown hue and patterns that should remind you of tiger stripes.

Not all cannabis seeds are created equal, however. If the hybrid marijuana seeds deviate from this typical look, it doesn't mean your hybrid seeds are less viable.

How long do hybrid marijuana seeds take to mature?

There are a number of factors that will determine the length of time your cannabis plants will take to mature. The type of hybrid marijuana seeds you choose, whether you grow them indoors or outdoors, and the particular strain all play a role in determining the time it takes to harvest.

If you opt for photoperiod strains and grow them outdoors, the vegetative stage typically lasts for about eight to nine weeks. However, if you live in an area with longer or shorter summers, this timeframe can vary accordingly. When growing photoperiod strains indoors, this stage generally lasts for six to eight weeks. This period can be manipulated to some degree when growing indoors, as you have control over the amount of light your plants receive.

On the other hand, if you choose autoflower seeds, the vegetative stage is typically shorter, usually lasting only three to four weeks. This is because autoflowering hybrid marijuana seeds are not influenced by the amount of light they receive.

Once the vegetative stage is complete, the flowering stage begins. In this last stage, your buds will start to form. The duration of the flowering stage is determined by the specific hybrid strain you choose. Photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds tend to take a bit longer than autoflowering strains.

Can hybrid plants produce seeds?

Yes. If you choose regular hybrid seeds, you will grow either male or female weed plants. If the females get pollinated by the males, your female marijuana plants will create seeds.

While this might seem great, keep in mind that female weed plants that produce seeds, will produce a lot less high-quality buds.