Question: How to Grow Marijuana at Home in 60 Days

Question: How to Grow Marijuana at Home in 60 Days

If you're impatient, growing weed can seem overwhelming. Especially when you consider that it can sometimes take up to 3-5 months before you can harvest your crop. Therefore, it is not surprising that growers are eager to speed up their growing process.

Moreover, there are other reasons why you would like to harvest quickly. Perhaps space is at a premium and your roommates are complaining about the smells coming from your grow room or your supply of weed for your own use is dwindling, and you hate the idea of having to pay for it. 

Either way. Growing and enjoying marijuana within 60 days may be a bit ambitious, but if you're in a hurry, there are several ways to speed up the process and grow a small supply of weed with a time frame of about 60 days.

How to grow marijuana at home in 60 days

Growing marijuana at home in 60 days is done in the following way:

  1. Grow indoors
  2. Choose an autoflower
  3. Flower immediately

1. Grow indoors for the fastest harvests

When you grow your cannabis outdoors you are dependent on the rhythms of nature and a photoperiod variety will only flower when the days get shorter. As a grower you cannot influence this. Therefore, grow cannabis indoors with the comfort of your home.

Growing indoors is a lot faster. When growing indoors, you have complete control over how much light and heat your plant receives, and you can easily speed up the process.

2. Choose an autoflowering strain

Growing an autoflower is much faster than growing a photoperiod variety. This is because the autoflower contains ruderalis genetics that allow the plant to grow in areas where the summers are very short. Think of Siberia. They therefore had to develop the ability to produce cannabis seeds and buds faster to allow for the survival of the species.

However, you should be aware that many seed banks are now deliberately reducing the amount of ruderalis genetics to produce more powerful autoflowering hybrids with higher yields. As a result, some will take a little longer to be ready for harvest.

The general rule for an autoflowering strain is that it starts flowering two weeks after germination and can often be harvested after only 6 to 10 weeks.

Our Gorilla Glue autoflower, for example, completes her flowering in eight weeks and is one of the most popular strains thanks to the quality of her resinous bud. Going for 6 weeks? Then we recommend our Blue Dream autoflower.

If you don't want to go for an autoflower, one of the most effective ways to get a quick harvest is still to choose a seed with a short flowering time. Think for example of the AK48 or Big Bud.

Important to know
In general, varieties with a longer flowering time perform better because they spend more time in the light. However, no concessions are made in terms of quality when it comes to varieties with a short flowering period.

3. Force photoperiod strains directly into the flowering phase

When growing cannabis from a photoperiod seed, you will have to choose when to move from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase. You do this by adjusting the light schedule.

By reducing the number of hours of light, you are actually telling your plant that it is time to flower and produce buds. Depending on the type of cannabis, growers usually do this after a growth period of 8 to 12 weeks.

Technically, however, you can let your female plants flower right from the seedling stage and skip the vegetative phase. The seedlings will then start producing buds, despite their use of growth. So in this way you can shorten the cycle considerably, and it is possible to force photoperiod varieties to flower almost as fast as autoflowering varieties.

If you're interested in experimenting with this method, you can start with clones or with feminized seeds, but you'll have to grow a lot of plants in, say, a sea of green setup to build up enough stock to last until the next harvest.

Growing cannabis within 60 days may sound tempting, but the yield will be much lower. Your plant needs to have enough growth to produce buds for a decent yield, and after all, a seedling doesn't have many branches.

Final thoughts: Is it advisable to grow weed at home within 60 days?

Obviously, there are ways to speed up your grow, but you'll have to make compromises. If you don't mind trading high yields for significantly lower harvests, the methods mentioned in this article will certainly apply, but is this your first grow? Then we recommend not applying these methods.

In conclusion
Don't forget to dry and ripen your weed! You could ruin all that hard work if you neglect this last step. If you want to consume your buds too quickly, you run the risk of being left with an inferior weed so don't spoil the final product by impatience!