10 Strongest Weed Strains 🤯 (THC 30%+) WSE

A few decades ago, THC percentages used to top out at around the 10% mark. 

However, it's now possible to find strains that contain a staggering 30% THC or greater.

These intensely potent varieties provide the most intense psychoactive effects possible from the cannabis plant.

In this article, we'll look at 10 of the strongest weed strains in the world.

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1. Do-si-Dos - 30% THC

Do-si-Dos from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Theia and Ned_Schneebly on Growdiaries

Do-si-Dos cannabis strain has a powerful cerebral high that induces intense euphoria and laughter.

It later relaxes the body, making it perfect for chilling with friends or alone in the evening. With 30% THC, it's very potent so not suitable for new users.

The autoflowering version enables quicker, hidden harvests without losing potency.

2. Ghost Train Haze - 30% THC

Ghost Train Haze from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Drgreenthumb627 on Growdiaries

Ghost Train Haze cannabis induces intense euphoria, happiness, and creative introspective thoughts.

It delivers a spaced-out, numbing body high that's perfect for chilling out. With 30% THC, it's extremely potent so only suitable for very experienced users. It can launch new users into orbit! Ideal for treating stress, depression and nausea.

3. Godfather OG - 30% THC

Godfather OG from WeedSeedsExpress grown by WildeWeed on Growdiaries

Godfather OG, a potent Indica strain with 30% THC, offers a smooth onset leading to deep relaxation, ideal for stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

It's great for solo or group use but caution is advised for beginners due to its strong effects, which include intense relaxation and potential couch-lock.

4. Hellfire OG - 30% THC

Hellfire OG cannabis induces a powerful euphoric head high within minutes that makes everything hilarious.

It later relaxes the whole body into a couchlocked state. With 30% THC, it's extremely potent so only suitable for experienced users. A few hits provides pain relief and is ideal for evening usage before bed.

The autoflowering version enables more subtle, faster growing without losing potency.

5. Jealousy - 30% THC

Despite being an Indica, Jealousy gives a psychedelic, creative sativa-like head high.

It supercharges imagination and is great for artists. After the initial head buzz, it brings on a relaxing body melt, perfect for chilling in the evening. With 30% THC, it's very potent - even experienced users should moderate intake or risk couchlock.

6. Blackberry Moonrocks - 33% THC

The Blackberry Moonrocks have strong, relaxing effects from their high 33% THC content.

At first, you'll feel a major head buzz that enhances your mood. But soon after, your whole body will relax as you sink into the couch.

For fast, discreet growing, choose the autoflowering Blackberry Moonrocks.

7. Permanent Marker - 34% THC

With a THC level of 34%, the Permanent Marker strain delivers potent psychoactive effects even seasoned smokers will feel.

Its indica-dominant genetics produce a fast and hard-hitting high combining deep physical relaxation with racing thoughts and flowing creativity. This expertly crafted blend was designed to induce a blissed-out couchlock experience.

Not for novice consumers, Permanent Marker should be approached cautiously by all but the most tolerant smokers.

8. Sleepy Joe OG - 34% THC

Bred from Obama Kush and Nova OG, Sleepy Joe OG has an extremely high 34% THC content that delivers powerful effects even seasoned users will feel.

Initially inducing euphoric laughter and good vibes, it quickly relaxes the entire body into a mega stoney state perfect for evening relaxation.

With its high THC levels, this top-shelf strain inspires creativity while inducing deep physical and mental effects for a blissful experience even for tolerant smokers.

9. Chiquita Banana - 34% THC

Chiquita Banana from WeedSeedsExpress grown by K820 and RebelMove on Growdiaries

With up to 34% THC, Chiquita Banana delivers powerful psychoactive effects.

Just a few hits induce an initial euphoric positivity and creativity. This quickly gives way to deep relaxation as the entire body melts into the couch in a blissed-out state.

The expert cultivation achieves an extremely high THC content that makes this top-shelf strain too potent for novice smokers, but perfect for seasoned users seeking a recreational escape.

10. Fat Bastard - 38% THC

With an extremely high 38% THC level, the autoflowering Fat Bastard strain packs a powerful psychoactive punch.

Its genetics produce overwhelmingly potent effects that hit fast and hard, inducing a heavy body relaxation and spaced-out cerebral adventure. This bud is so strong it can knock even seasoned smokers on their back.

Fat Bastard grows quickly and subtly, but should be approached cautiously by all but the most tolerant consumers.

If quick harvests and subtle growing are your goals, our Autoflower Fat Bastard fits the bill.


Need More High THC Strains?

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