Top 5 Best Strains for Hash Production - 2024 UPDATE

A closeup of a hash

Hashish (or hash) is a potent cannabis concentrate made from the trichomes of marijuana plants.

Hash usually produces a more powerful high compared to bud, which is why it's so popular. But good quality hash is expensive to buy, so many people prefer to grow and make their own.

The best strains to use for hash making are ones that are extra frosty and loaded with resin and trichomes. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the top cannabis strains that produce high quality hash.

1. OG Kush

OG Kush from WeedSeedsExpress grown by marleyjane on Growdiaries

OG Kush likely has Afghani and Thai Indica origins, though some believe 'OG' stands for 'Ocean Grown', stabilizing in California.

Despite being difficult to cultivate, OG Kush's potent, THC-rich crystalline buds make the effort worthwhile.

With citrus, diesel, anise and pine flavors, OG Kush makes delicious hash. The intense euphoric buzz and sedative properties of this plant creates an unforgettable hash experience.

2. White Widow

White Widow from WeedSeedsExpress grown by 79bronco on Growdiaries

White Widow's snowy white, crystal-laden buds are excellent for hash production due to copious resin.

This Amsterdam staple flowers in about 2 months, growing well indoors and outdoors with mold/disease resistance.

White Widow delivers intense euphoria and sociability. It has a musky, woody flavor and can be unexpectedly potent, so go slowly at first. The easy cultivation, resin production, and upbeat effects make White Widow an ideal hash strain.

3. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue from WeedSeedsExpress grown by SCHurricane and julian100614 on Growdiaries

Gorilla Glue is known for its potency, yield, and extreme stickiness. The bushy, medium-sized plants produce dense, diesel/citrus/anise/pine scented buds after 60 days.

It's an ideal hash strain due to copious trichome production, pungent terpenes, and its extraordinarily sticky, amber resin testing nearly 30% THC. Generous sugar leaf hash yields combined with potency and stickiness make Gorilla Glue a top choice for hash makers.

4. NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Mikewithgreenthumbs420 on Growdiaries

NYC Diesel grows like an Indica but produces Sativa effects. It has a uniquely pungent citrus/skunk profile and energizing yet relaxing high. A cross of Sour Diesel and Afghani/Hawaiian, it finishes quickly in 60 days.

The large, conical buds ooze tacky, gold trichomes from prominent calyxes. Perfect for quality hash production. NYC Diesel hash has an extremely sticky amber color and eye-catching clarity.

The diesel, grapefruit and skunk aroma is so strong it carries far. NYC Diesel's fast harvest, heavy trichome production, and loud terpenes make it an excellent hashmaking strain.

5. Chemdawg

Chemdawg from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Organic_LarF on Growdiaries

Chemdawg is a legendary cannabis strain known for its pungent aroma and potent, cerebrally focused effects.

As the parent of strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Chemdawg's genetics produce exceptionally strong buds covered in shiny, THC-rich trichomes.

Though challenging to cultivate, when grown properly indoors Chemdawg delivers sharp, stress-relieving highs that can last for hours. Its heavy chemical profile lends itself well to hash production.

Did you know?

Many of the seeds sold are feminized seeds, but if your grow contains male plants, don't discard them. Although they don't contain as much THC as female plants, the trichomes of the male and hermaphrodite weed plant can be used to make hash, so there is no need for any waste.