Suchst du einen Bestseller, der auf Qualität anstatt auf Hype basiert? Möchtest du dich auch auf eine starke Pflanze verlassen können, die sich unter unterschiedliechen Bedingungen gut entwickelt und innerhalb von 9-10 Wochen geerntet werden kann? Dann sieh dir unsere Hochwertige AK 48 Autoflower Samen an.

Dieser Hybrid ist seit 1990 auf dem Vormarsch und hat kolumbianische, mexikanische, thailändische Skunk- und afghanische Vorfahren. Dies sichert eine sehr starke Genetik. Seitdem sind viele Varianten und Kreuzungen aufgetaucht, aber die AK 48 Autoflower sind einzigartig. Die Samen sorgen für eine blitzschnelle Ernte, riechen während der Blüte eher dezent, sind klein und können sowohl drinnen als auch draußen angebaut werden. Darüber hinaus haben die Blüten von AK 48 Autoflower einen sehr hohen THC-Gehalt.

Für wen sind die weiblichen AK 48 Autoflower geeignet?

Aufgrund der Fähigkeit automatisch zu blühen, ist das Züchten von feminisierten AK 48 Autoflower-Samen erheblich einfacher als das Züchten von normalen AK 48- oder AK 47-Samen. Ideal für Anfänger, aber auch interessant für erfahrene Züchter, die hohe Erträge suchen.

Obwohl die Pflanze bereits nach 9-10 Wochen geerntet werden kann, lassen die meisten Züchter die Pflanze länger blühen. Dies dient hauptsächlich der Geschmacks- und Geruchsoptimierung.

Geschmack, Geruch und Wirkung

Die Autoflower 48 produziert ein Cannabis mit einem Geschmack und Geruch, der am besten als reife Mango beschrieben wird. Süß, aber auch kraftvoll und offen.

Während du die klebrigen Blüten konsumierst, erlebst du eine kraftvolle und angenehme körperliche Entspannung, die hauptsächlich von den Indica-Einflüssen herrührt. Die Sativa-Anteile bieten ein soziales und wunderbares High.

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Spezifikationen AK 48 Autoflower samen

THC Level 17%
CBD Level 3%
Auswahl 55% Indica / 25% Sativa / 20% Ruderalis
Genetik Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani x Ruderalis
Maximaler Ertrag Outdoor 300 bis zu 400 gram/m2
Maximaler Ertrag indoor 400 bis zu 500 gram/m2
Höhe Indoor 50 bis zu 70 cm
Höhe Outdoor 60 bis zu 90 cm
Blütezeit 63 bis zu 70 Tage
Schimmelresistenz Hoch
Grower-Profil Anfänger
Anbau Indoor, Outdoor, Gewächshaus
Klima Temperatur, Mediterran, Trocken
Geschmack Blumig, Süß, Holzig
Effekte Fröhlich, Entspannt, Gesprächig
SOG tauglich ja
SCROG tauglich ja

AK 48 Autoflower Rezension

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4 / 5 Sterne aus 14 Bewertungen


Stephen (Verifizierter Kunde) 2020-01-27

Impressed...Grew outdoors easy, harvested at 60days. First thoughts: looks delicious covered in try. Gave it a squeeze super sticks and fresh. Smelled earthy and a little of bo. Inhale: smooth and delicious with a earthy, piney Exhale: smooth and very cheesy Comes on very quick feels light and heady. After a couple of mins. Super relaxed and visuals are slightly grainy. Thanx for the extra seed.. 5 star service.... Cheers Steve

Stephen Wright (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-11-24

Stealth delivery impressive. 2 seeds down into soil medium, both came through on day 4. Thumbs up so far.... cheers peoples...will update you on progress

Stuart (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-11-16

Hi, I bought the 10+10free deal. I popped 2 x 3 seeds 3 weeks apart. They were both ruderalis dominant. Except one. Have harvested the first run. It smokes very well, but is fasted lived. Hope that the second turns out ok? We'll see about the rest to be run.

Ran (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-09-20

I’ve placed and received a total of 4 orders with Dave (David for the sophisticated, I’m from the south in USA, so, we shorten everything 😊), and Frank. Though mostly I’ve dealt with David. This is also the 5th different strain I’ve ordered as well. I’ve ordered Critical CBD feminized photoperiod strain—amazing. AK-48 AUTOS, which hold a very special place for me since because of my disabilities due to multiple surgeries have proved to be the best because of low maintenance and quicker return on harvest. The buds are compact albeit smaller than the Critical CBD I mentioned above, but having 6-8 Autos growing at once in my 48” x 60” Vivosun tent have more than made up for the lesser amount of buds from these autos. I thoroughly enjoy the gentle yet uplifting and pain relieving affect which allows me to fellowship with friends and family as I was not able to on prescription opiates. Cannabis has been a gift from my Father in Heaven. Stepping out in faith I voluntarily gave up pain management program to embark on a quest for cannabis and I am EXCEEDINGLY PLEASED. Now, to the client service David and Frank provide as well as the amazingly quick turnaround from order to shipment received in some most clever and funny ways. I love these guys, I truly do. When I was looking for a strain that they did not have they encouraged me to seek a reference for another company that could meet what they new my needs were based on a thorough understanding of my physical situation. I thought about it and even inquired, but could not go through with it. My trust in WSE and what they have going cannot be matched in my opinion. They’ve now added the 2 strains I wanted and I am now growing them as well. I thoroughly without a moment’s hesitation recommend WSE for the reasons stated. I just absolutely love these guys.

Sweetdeborah (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-08-15

The card you guys ship in is really amazing and very stealthy. It took quite a while to find the seeds. The card you guys ship in is really amazing and very stealthy. It took quite a while to find the seeds and thought someone was joking around. I have ordered 10 but received 11 seeds so thank you for that. Out of my 11 seeds 7 germinated within 36 hours, 2 others needed 12 hours extra to break open and 2 didn't made it. Currently they are in pots and all 9 came up. Well send you guys some pics in a later stage

Archiechar (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-06-16

All seeds arrived today and thank you for the bonus seed as well. I appreciate it. Do you have something like a guide for growing? Please email me that.

poidevin (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-06-13

Received the reshipment, somehow your first shipment didn't get to me. Thanks for that, a free replacement is much more than I expected. As I am growing for the first time, I asked some advice which strain I should pick, the express got me in the right direction, bought this AKs and I can't wait to get started. Talked with a friend about your company and he will buy from you next time, I will keep you up to date frankie, love your company!

Jozwiak (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-03-08

My seeds arrived within 11 business days as far as i can recall so that pretty good i guess! Bought both these AK 48 feminized autoflowers and feminized 48's. The feminized species are yielding better, but if you are looking for ease then i would recommend these autoflowers

Andrew stoner (Verifizierter Kunde) 2019-01-24

Definitely better to grow than her little sister. Maybe because the AK-48 is more Indica dominant, I don't know..but the results where much better than last time when I grew Ak-47. Besides the shipping was pretty fast. Thank for advising me this strain and your service.

W. Walton (Verifizierter Kunde) 2018-08-14

I have bred autoflowers often, but the ak 48 belongs to my favorite strains. Good size, nice structure and fairly good yields

McDonough (Verifizierter Kunde) 2018-05-14

Growing these AK's was simple. Especially for a first timer like me. Good shipping and for free! Nice robust packaging so the seeds arrived in a good condition.

Barnard (Verifizierter Kunde) 2018-05-05

I love the easy of growing this strain. Didn't had any problems actually. Fast shipping and nicely packet seeds.

Jason (Verifizierter Kunde) 2017-12-24

Easy to grow so far. However I had some delay with the shipment but the communication between me and WSE was very good. Eventually the seeds arrived. I can't say much about the strain itself because i'm only in week 3 now.

Mitchell Scott (Verifizierter Kunde) 2017-06-27

I must say...pretty good yields for a auto and easy to grow as well. The shipment was fast but my cash payment needed some time to arrive. Clear instructions with the payment which made the order and payment process quite easy

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