10 Best Strains For Guerilla Growing in UK 🇬🇧 (2023 Update)

10 Best Strains For Guerilla Growing in UK 🇬🇧 (2023 Update)

Growing cannabis in the UK is currently against the law.

However, many people still want to know which strains are best suited to stealth grows.

In this article, we look at some 10 the best strains for guerilla growing in the UK.

1. Northern Lights


As an almost 100% Indica, Northern Lights stays short and stocky, maxing out around 1m tall. This makes it easy to hide and means you won't have huge colas sticking out and giving away your spot!

It's got a quick 8-week flowering time too, so you can get multiple harvests during the short UK summers.

The dense nugs have a super high resin production, leading to mega THC levels of up to 21%. Trichomes really pack on during late flowering, making for some frosty buds!

Northern Lights is a hardy strain that won't mind the rain too much either. As long as you give it some sunshine, it'll reward you with fat yields up to 500g/m2 indoors. Outdoors, expect up to 900g per plant in ideal conditions!

2. White Widow


White Widow is a classic Dutch strain that's perfect for guerrilla growing in the UK. This hardy plant can handle the temperamental British weather and still produce fat, frosty nugs.

White Widow stays short, rarely exceeding 1 meter indoors or 1.4 meters outdoors. That makes it easy to conceal. Best of all, White Widow finishes flowering fast, in just 9 weeks.

That means you can get multiple grows in over a UK summer. Yields are impressive too. Indoors, expect up to 550g/m2. Outdoors, up to 700g per plant is possible.

For guerrilla growers, White Widow is a reliable choice. It's mold resistant, flowers quickly, and produces heavy yields of potent bud. The compact size is ideal for stealth gardens.

3. Jack Herer


The legendary Jack Herer strain is a top choice for guerrilla growing in the UK climate. This hardy hybrid can handle the temperamental British weather with no problem.

She's got genetics bred for outdoor growing - a blend of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis that means she can take on rain, wind, and even cold temps if needed.

For stealthy gardeners in the UK, Jack Herer has a lot to offer. She stays relatively short and compact, so finding a spot to tuck her away won't be too tricky. Yields are fat too - up to 700g per plant outdoors.

And flowering time is quick at just 60-70 days. With the right conditions, Jack Herer delivers dank, resinous nuggets even in the British Isles.

4. Big Bud


Big Bud can handle the temperamental British weather with no problem. She's mold and pest resistant which is perfect for outdoor growing.

The UK climate is moderate most of the year which Big Bud digs. She likes it temperate to warm. Big Bud naturally doesn't get too tall, maxing out around 1.5 meters.

This makes her easy to hide. You can just let her do her thing and she'll stay a reasonable size on her own.

Yield is where Big Bud really shines. You can expect up to 800 grams per plant outdoors.

Flowering time is quick too, only 7-9 weeks. That short cycle means you can get multiple grows in over a single season. 

5. Master Kush


Master Kush's ancestry from the Hindu Kush mountains means she can handle the temperamental British weather with no problem. A little rain or cold temps won't faze her.

Just make sure to check for mold with all that moisture.

Master Kush packs the resin and don't stink up your patch too much during flowering. That's a win-win for guerrilla growing. You'll get some fat nugs of quad without attracting unwanted attention.

Expect a yield of 450-550 grams per plant outdoors. Not huge, but the quality makes up for it.

6. Cinderella 99

Cindy 99 is a great strain for guerrilla growing in the chilly UK climate. She's easy for rookie growers but yields fat buds even for seasoned farmers. C99 grows short and bushy which is perfect for stealth setups outdoors.

She stays under 6 feet tall so you can hide her in forest clearings or overgrown fields. C99 thrives in rainy, overcast weather. She molds up easily indoors with high humidity but handles UK moisture with no problem.

C99 finishes flowering fast in 8-10 weeks so she'll be ready for harvest before the autumn rains hit. With the short season up north, fast flowering is a must. 

7. Amnesia Lemon Kush


Amnesia Lemon Kush is ideal for guerrilla growing in the temperamental UK climate. She's a vigorous plant that thrives outdoors and pumps out high yields.

With 50/50 Indy/Sativa genetics, Lemon Amnesia handles the cold, wet, and gloomy weather up north like a champ. She resists mold well thanks to her Lemon genetics.

Lemon Amnesia flowers fast in just 9-10 weeks so she'll be ready for harvest before the heavy autumn rains.

8. AK-48


AK-48 is the perfect guerrilla strain for the UK. She thrives outdoors and finishes flowering super fast in just 7-9 weeks. That quick bloom time means she'll be ready for harvest before the cold wet weather sets in.

AK-48 stays short, not much over 5 feet, so she's easy to hide in clearings or overgrown fields. Her Afghani genetics give AK-48 tough mold resistance for the humid UK climate.

AK-48 needs warmth and sun to really thrive, so pick sheltered southern-facing spots out of the wind. This strain isn't too stinky until late flowering so she won't give away your secret patch.

9. Blackberry Kush


This Indica-dominant strain thrives outdoors and is mold-resistant, perfect for the damp British climate. She's a short plant, maxing out around 1 meter, so she can be easily hidden.

BBK is a quick finisher, ready for harvest in 7-9 weeks. That short flowering time means you'll be puffing her frosty nugs before the cold weather sets in. With the right spots and TLC, you can pull over half a kilo per plant outdoors.

For best results, give her shelter from wind and rain. Low-stress training boosts yields too.

10. Cheese

The classic Cheese strain is a top choice for UK growers looking to guerrilla grow. Originally bred in the UK, this 60% sativa hybrid is mold-resistant and can thrive in the temperamental British climate.

Though a Sativa-dominant strain, Cheese stays short and bushy, making it easier to conceal. Indoors she'll reach around 70-100cm, but outdoors Cheese can hit 140cm if given enough space.

For guerrilla growing, train and prune your plants to control height and maximize those frosty, THC-rich buds. Cheese is a quick finisher, ready for harvest in 53-59 days. She produces hefty yields of up to 650g/m2 indoors and 800g/plant outdoors.