OG Kush autoflower seeds

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OG Kush Auto is an Indica-dominant strain with talkative and social effects. These cannabis seeds have a citrus flavor and sharp diesel smell. 

  • Up to 24% THC
  • 25% Sativa / 55% Indica
  • High fungal resistance
  • Quick to harvest
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OG Kush autoflower seeds
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OG Kush autoflower seeds


Strain Info

THC level 24 %
CBD level 0.5 %
CBG level 0 %
Type Indica dominant
Ruderalis 20 %
Sativa 25 %
Indica 55 %
Genetics OG Kush x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 250-400 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 60-100 grams per plant
Height indoor 100-160 cm
Height outdoor 130-180 cm
Flowering time 56-63 days
Fungal resistance Medium
Grower profile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Cold, Temperate, Mediterranean
Flavors Citrus, Diesel
Effects Happy, Relaxed, Talkative, Social
Terpenes Alpha Cedrene, Alpha Pinene, Alpha Terpineol, Beta Caryophyllene, Borneol, Cadinene, Camphene, Citral, Delta Limonene, Eugenol, Fenchol, Humulene, Linalool, Myrcene, Nerolidol, Ocimene, Phytol, Terpinolene

OG Kush autoflower seeds

OG Kush Autoflower from WeedSeedsExpress is the easy-to-grow version of the famous OG Kush. 

Why Grow OG Kush Autoflower?

  • Fast harvest time - OG Kush Autoflower will transition from veg to flowering stage on its own, regardless of light cycles. This means it takes less time to mature and be ready for harvest, as little as 8 weeks from flowering to harvest.
  • Compact size - Due to its indica genes OG Kush Autoflower stays relatively short and bushy, making it suitable for tight indoor grow spaces where height is limited.
  • Potent effects - As a hybrid of OG Kush, this Autoflowering variety retains the high THC content and strong effects that OG Kush is known for. It offers an extremely potent, but relaxing high.
  • Easy to grow - Like most Autos, OG Kush is easy to grow, making it a good choice for beginners. 

OG Kush Auto Growing Tips

  • Using larger pots for OG Kush is recommended, as it can become root-bound quickly in smaller containers. 5-gallon pots or larger are ideal.
  • Training techniques like topping and low-stress training can increase yields by encouraging more cola sites. This is a good practice for any autoflower strain.
  • OG Kush is prone to mold if humidity is too high, so maintaining 70-80°F is important.
  • Although OG kush Auto will flower as few as 8 weeks, only harvest when most trichome heads turn milky white/amber. 
  • Slow dry trimmed buds for 10-14 days at 60-65°F and 45-55% humidity to preserve terpenes and avoid harsh smoke.
  • Cure buds in jars for 4-6 weeks at 60-65°F, opening daily to allow moisture to redistribute, for maximum flavor and smoother smoking experience.
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