Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds

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Acapulco Gold Auto is a cannabis strain with a sweet lemon flavor profile. These Sativa-dominant seeds grow stunning plants that give an energizing high.

  • Up to 24% THC
  • 65% Sativa / 15% Indica
  • Easy to grow
  • Guaranteed 100% female crop
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Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds
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Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds


Strain Info

THC level 24 %
CBD level 0.5 %
CBG level 0 %
Type Sativa dominant
Ruderalis 20 %
Sativa 65 %
Indica 15 %
Genetics Acapulco Gold x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 500-600 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 450-550 grams per plant
Height indoor 100-150 cm
Height outdoor 110-170 cm
Flowering time 56-70 days
Fungal resistance High
Grower profile Beginner
Cultivation Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
Climate Arid, Mediterranean, Temperate
Flavors Earthy, Pine, Sweet, Sour, Citrus, Fruity, Lemon
Effects Creative, Energetic, Uplifting, Social, Happy
Terpenes Alpha Pinene, Linalool, Humulene

Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds

Acapulco Gold auto is considered a top-notch cannabis variety, and these sativa weed seeds were even declared one of the 25 greatest strains of all time by High Times in 2014. 

Originating in the eponymous city of Acapulco, Mexico, where the hot and humid climate played a key role in the creation of her distinct flavor and effects. Now with this Acapulco Gold x Ruderalis version, it's easier than ever to bring this strain of marijuana plant seeds to your own home.

Continue below to find out why growing Acapulco Gold autoflowering seeds will turn your growing space into a true El Dorado. If you are looking for even more golden buds, and have the patience to wait a little longer, then also take a look at our Acapulco Gold feminized seeds.

For those searching specifically for the best Sativa seeds online, our collection offers a variety of choices that are sure to meet your cultivation needs and expectations.

Why buy Acapulco Gold autoflowering seeds:

Flowering time

While the flowering period for Acapulco Gold autoflower does not differ too much from her feminized counterpart, eight to ten weeks, the biggest gain is in the very short vegetative phase.

This allows you, like with most of our auto flowering weed seed, to enjoy a bountiful harvest of Acapulco Gold weed twice per season when grown outdoors!


Despite the extremely short vegetative phase and relatively brief flowering period, Acapulco Gold autoflowering plants will still treat you to a surprisingly high yield of amazing buds.

Grown indoors, Acapulco Gold autoflower will yield about 500 - 550 grams per square meter under optimal conditions.

Outdoors, this magnificent strain truly amazes, with no less than 450 - 550 grams per plant. These numbers make her a true member of our high yield autoflower seeds family.


The uplifting cerebral high kicks in almost instantly and this energetic sensation lasts for quite some while.

On top of that, the Indica influences in Acapulco Gold autoflower also ensure an unwinding body high that relaxes the muscles. All of these effects combined provide the user with a sense of complete and utter bliss.

The medical benefits of Acapulco Gold auto's effective mood-enhancing effects can be a useful aid for those suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. Her potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial in treating minor pains and common conditions like headaches, back pain, and arthritis.

THC Level

Acapulco Gold's high THC content of 24% makes these old-school Sativa auto seeds a popular choice with recreational and medicinal users alike.

Because of her potency, Acapulco Gold autoflower seeds are a classic addition to our high THC autoflower seeds category.

Smell & Flavors

Acapulco Gold's unique combination of terpenes makes her smell like a morning stroll in an enchanted pine forest. Delicious fruity, citrus scents with fresh notes of lemon and pine.

And your taste buds are in for a treat as well. Her smooth creamy smoke contains flavors of earthiness, robust citrus, and pine. A surprisingly sweet toffee aftertaste finishes her amazing and versatile taste palette.


Acapulco Gold autoflowering marijuana seeds grow into plants that will reach an average height of 100-150 cm indoors.

Outdoor growers, planting their seeds under the open sky, can expect their Acapulco Gold autos to reach an impressive height of up to 170 cm.


As one of the most potent Sativas ever, the Acapulco Gold strain came from Mexico's Pacific coast to America in the 1960s and 1970s. There she gained international fame when she was mentioned in the cult classic film “Up in Smoke” featuring the infamous stoners Cheech and Chong.

From that moment on, there wasn't a cannabis enthusiast alive that didn't "want to get high" on this exotic blend.

Mixed with Ruderalis, this mysterious strain has been made even easier to grow, and faster too, with a shorter vegetative period.

Grow Tips

  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing.

  • Thrives in a warm and sunny environment.

  • Keep relative humidity low to avoid excess moisture.

  • Buds have a golden appearance due to orange hairs and gold and brownish-green hues.

  • Top the canopy to stimulate vertical growth.

  • Prune for better light and airflow.

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