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Godfather OG feminized
Godfather OG feminized seeds
C. Banana feminized
C. Banana feminized seeds
Gorilla Glue autoflower
Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
Granddaddy Purple feminized
Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies feminized
AK-47 autoflower
AK-47 autoflower seeds
Acapulco Gold feminized
Acapulco Gold feminized seeds
Girl Scout Cookies autoflower
Sour Tsunami CBD feminized
ACDC feminized
ACDC feminized seeds
Blue Dream feminized
Blue Dream feminized seeds
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 feminized seeds
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Cannabis Cup seeds for sale: all you need to know!

Unlock the magical green realm of Cannabis Cup marijuana seeds, the finest collections of nature’s artistry. Hailing from the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup - the "Oscars" of the cannabis world - these weed seeds represent the culmination of tireless efforts, genetic mastery, and the quest for unparalleled excellence.

Imagine the world's best cannabis connoisseurs, breeders, and aficionados gathering together, their expertise culminating in the creation of top-tier seeds - this is the Cannabis Cup. And now, this exclusive experience is available to you.

Each Cannabis Cup seed carries a story of champions, a legacy of strains that have etched their names into the annals of cannabis history. They are the progeny of plants that have passed rigorous trials for potency, aroma, flavor, and effects, garnering the highest accolades from industry judges.

Your cultivation journey with Cannabis Cup cannabis seeds promises an enriching learning curve, where you'll watch these illustrious genetics unfold right before your eyes. It's an adventure of personal growth and understanding, with the thrill of nurturing award-winning cannabis strains within your reach.

Cannabis Cup Winners

In our Cannabis Cup category, we have included all our seeds that have reached the top 3 of any Cannabis Cup competition. But what if you are looking for a cannabis cup winning strain? No worries; we have made an even more specific selection of Cannabis Cup winners. Only the best of the best for our growers.

Jack Herer (Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, 1994)

Embark on an uncomplicated cultivation journey with the legendary Jack Herer feminized seeds. These champions of the cannabis world blend the finest Sativa and Indica traits, creating an enriching cultivation experience and a robust yield.

The plant bursts with generous, glistening buds that emit a complex bouquet of fruity, lemony, earthy, and skunky aromas with hints of sandalwood and pine. As you indulge, the dense smoke offers a balanced cerebral high and body relaxation, making it an ideal companion for leisurely activities, creative pursuits, or simply enhancing your mood.

Experience the unique charm of Jack Herer, a tribute to a timeless cannabis legend. Want to grow this strain as a beginner? Make sure to grab our Jack Herer autoflower seeds.

White Widow (Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, 1995)

Experience the elegance and potency of White Widow feminized seeds, a classic cannabis strain renowned globally for her superior genetics and therapeutic properties. She promises rewarding yields, making her a perfect choice for novice and seasoned growers alike.

The plant unveils a tantalizing blend of sweet and sour aromas with a hint of earthiness, delivering a memorable, flavorful adventure. As you unwind with White Widow, expect a creative, euphoric high that relaxes your body to its core.

The legend that is White Widow is a testament to premium cannabis cultivation that combines great taste, astounding effects, and fantastic yields. We also offer White Widow autoflower seeds for growers with less patience.

Super Silver Haze (Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, 1998 & 1999)

Immerse in the glory of Super Silver Haze feminized seeds, a strain that has won multiple cannabis cups. She is known for her captivating cerebral high and lasting effects. Descended from Haze x Skunk x Northern Lights, this Sativa-dominant beauty is perfect for both medicinal and therapeutic use.

Aesthetically pleasing, her leaves sparkle with a silver-white sheen, resulting in an eye-catching display. Delight in the unique fusion of uplifting lemon, sandalwood, and spice flavors with sweet, earthy and skunky aromas. The cultivation demands moderate care, but the generous yields of high-quality buds make her worth the effort.

Super Silver Haze - a powerful yet calming experience for the discerning cannabis enthusiast. We also offer Super Silver Haze autoflower seeds for growers that are just starting out.

Amnesia Haze (Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, 2004)

Enjoy the pleasure of growing Amnesia Haze feminized seeds (and consuming her weed). This 2004 Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup winner is renowned globally for her incredible yield, quality, and distinct Haze flavor. Recognizable by her tall stature and brown-green buds brimming with resin trichomes, Amnesia Haze promises a successful harvest with some cultivation expertise.

A stimulating inhalation unfolds the enticing blend of earthy, sharp, and citrusy flavors, transporting you to a blissful state of euphoria and creative contemplation. Ideal for daytime use, this Sativa-dominant strain offers a unique 'trippy' high, encouraging you to forget worries and embrace tranquility.

Dive into the world of Amnesia Haze and revel in her unforgettable allure. For an easier and quicker seed to harvest time, make sure to check out our Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds.

Super Lemon Haze (Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, 2008 & 2009)

Get ready to transform your day with Super Lemon Haze feminized seeds, winner of several cannabis cups, known for her cheerful, energizing effects and delightful citrus scent. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, these feminized seeds flourish in warm, sunny climates and promise a rewarding yield.

Her taller stature is a testament to her robust Sativa genetics, adding charm to your garden. The aroma and flavor of Super Lemon Haze hint at sweet lemons, offering a tantalizing experience. From boosting creativity to enhancing fun activities, Super Lemon Haze adds zest and euphoria to your daily life.

Want to skip a big chunk of the vegetative stage? Grab Super Lemon Haze autoflower seeds instead for a way faster harvest.

Tangerine Dream (Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, 2010)


Tangerine Dream autoflower seeds present a golden opportunity to grow an effortless yet satisfying indica strain known for her delightful citrus aroma and well-rounded high. As a sturdy Indica-dominant plant with autoflowering traits, this strain is perfect for beginners and seasoned growers who appreciate top-quality buds with minimal fuss.

While compact, Tangerine Dream thrives both indoors and outdoors, making her a versatile choice for diverse environments. The experience of this auto strain offers an energizing, joyful sensation, making it ideal for creative pursuits or simply brightening up your day. Relish the dreamy and tangy flavors of Tangerine Dream.

Zkittlez (Best Indica, NorCal & Michigan, 2015)

Named after the beloved candy, Zkittlez feminized seeds are part of a vibrant cannabis strain with high THC levels and a sweet-sour profile. Suitable for moderately experienced growers, these feminized seeds adapt effortlessly to indoor or outdoor environments and yield copious potent buds with stunning rainbow hues.

Her effects kick in with a euphoric high and transition into deep, soothing relaxation. Offering an alluring sweet and fruity aroma with candy-like taste and citrus undertones, Zkittlez embodies a sensory delight.

Honored as the best Indica strain in Northern California and Michigan, this is a must-grow for any cannabis enthusiast. Want to get your hands on your own homegrown Zkittlez buds as soon as possble? Try our Zkittlez autoflower seeds.

Wedding Cake (Best Indica, Amsterdam, 2018 & SoCal, 2019)

Wedding Cake feminized seeds, a delightful blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, have a high THC content of 23% and offer a potent yet balanced euphoria. Easy to cultivate in diverse environments, her robust genetics confer resistance to diseases and pests, making her an ideal choice for growers.

Characterized by large buds covered in THC crystals and a tantalizing aroma of sweet and sour earthy scents, Wedding Cake is one of the most popular strains, from Amsterdam to California, and provides soothing effects ideal for mood enhancement or insomnia relief. Her rich, summer berry and woody flavors are truly the icing on the cake.

Can't wait for dessert? If you grow our Wedding Cake autoflower seeds, you can enjoy the harvest even quicker!

Peanut Butter Breath (Best Indica, Detroit, 2019)

Unleash your love for nutty flavors with the Peanut Butter Breath feminized seeds. This hybrid, a cross between Do-si-Dos and Mendo Breath F2, offers a unique peanutty flavor and balanced, relaxing effects.

She thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, responding well to various training techniques, making it an ideal pick for growers with varying space considerations. Harvest your own buds after just two months of the vegetative stage and bask in the aromas of this phenomenal strain.

A perfect choice for a laid-back evening with friends, she's sure to elevate your home-growing experience.

Runtz (Best Hybrid, Colorado, 2022)

A favorite in the cannabis industry, Runtz is an evenly balanced, high THC hybrid strain that promises a profoundly relaxing body buzz and an uplifting head high. She's derived from the prestigious Gelato and Zkittlez strains, resulting in a unique fusion of candy-like flavors and a mesmerizing aroma.

Growing Runtz feminized seeds provides a bountiful harvest of snow-like buds, thriving in both indoor and outdoor environments. Offering both recreational and medical benefits, the strain helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort.

Experience this captivatingly exclusive strain that beautifully balances potency with pleasure. You can also grow our Runtz autoflower seeds for an even faster harvest.

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Cannabis Cup cannabis seeds FAQs

What are Cannabis Cup cannabis seeds?

Cannabis Cup weed seeds are exceptional, as they come from the finest cannabis genetics in the world. They originate from strains that have won the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup, a global competition, showcasing the pinnacle of cannabis breeding and cultivation.