How tall does a weed plant grow?

How tall does a weed plant grow?

To truly grasp the potential height of a cannabis plant, you must embrace the complexity that makes each plant grown from cannabis seeds unique. Like the eclectic collection of strains it represents, the heights a cannabis plant can reach are equally diverse.

Cultivation methods further add to this rich tapestry of variation.

We'll uncover the range of heights this wonder of nature can attain, be it nestled snugly at home or basking under the boundless, azure sky. Join us as we navigate the subtleties, influences, and techniques that dictate the height of this compelling plant.

How tall do weed plants grow?

After planting weed seeds, cannabis plants grow to an average height of 1.25 meters (49 inches). How tall weed plants get depends on the specie, type of strain (photoperiod or autoflower), and growing conditions.   

Sativas, Indicas and Ruderalis

These are two main strains of cannabis, with many hybrids combine genetics from both. Among the most visually distinctive features is the height - a telltale clue to their genetic lineage.

Sativa strains, for instance, have the potential to tower over their cannabis cousins, reaching up to an impressive three meters (ten feet).

However, even though they grow taller than other varieties, Sativa plants can be slow growers and require a little patience to reach the harvest season.

On the other side of the spectrum, we find the Indica strains: compact, bushy specimens that tend to reach a more manageable one to two meters (three to six feet).

Their denser form adds a certain charm to their stature, making them ideal for more confined spaces.

In the middle, you'll find an array of hybrids, each one a unique blend of Sativa and Indica traits.

The height of our hybrids can vary widely depending on which strain is dominant, so it's always a good idea to check the information on the specific strain we offer, to know exactly what you can expect.

Last but not least, meet the Ruderalis strains, compact varieties often found in autoflowering cannabis. Their stature is very much like the Indica - short and densely formed, making them another great option for those with space constraints.

The world of cannabis is fascinatingly diverse - and the height is just one aspect of that diversity.

The table below shows which seeds you need based on your needs. Be aware that not every single strain will fit perfectly in this mold, make sure to always check the height of the strain you are looking to grow. 

Plant You need
Small plant Indica weed seeds / autoflower weed seeds
Medium sized plant Hybrid weed seeds
Tall plant Sativa weed seeds 

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Cannabis height when grown outside

Imagine this: a marijuana plant basking in the great outdoors, flourishing in its ideal conditions.

Unrestrained and unhampered, such a plant could potentially reach the dizzying heights of four meters (14 feet), stretching out 60 to 90 centimeters (two to three feet) wide.

But what determines this skyscraping feat? Primarily, it's the extent of root space in the earth and the daily dose of sunlight during the vegetative stage.

Given enough room to spread their roots and bask in the sun, you could transform an open space into a towering forest of marijuana plants.

However, the cannabis plant's inherent will to grow calls for a gardener's watchful eye. Careful management of your marijuana plants' height is a must, but the challenge lies in doing so without compromising their health or the quality of their yield.

Indeed, navigating the balance between growth and control is what makes the art of cannabis cultivation so fascinating.

The optimal height for weed grown indoors

When you choose to grow your cannabis plants indoors, you're essentially becoming the master of their destiny.

While it might seem enticing to let your green friends grow to their heart's content, there's a compelling case for setting some height limits. But why restrain these verdant giants?

  1. The fattest buds sit at the summit, basking in the glow of your chosen light source. As you travel down the plant, the buds get progressively smaller. So, to reap a generous yield, you'll want the light to reach as far down the plant as possible. That's where clever cultivation strategies come into play.
  2. The issue of resources. Allowing a plant to keep growing results in a towering, slender structure, but without any significant boost in yield. It's like pouring your time, money, and electricity into a project that doesn’t pay dividends.
  3. Discretion. Overly tall plants might raise eyebrows if you're cultivating in the great outdoors or in limited indoor spaces. So, while there's a sense of pride in growing your cannabis plants tall and proud, thoughtful height management can be the wiser choice.

There are several methods you can use to control the height of your weed plants:

  1. Low Stress Training (LST)
  2. Screen of Green (Scrog)
  3. Topping

1. Low Stress Training (LST)

LST is an easy and inexpensive method of training that involves bending the growing stems in the direction you want them to grow and gently tieing them in place. LST enables light to reach more buds by creating a more even canopy.

2. Screen of Green (SCROG)

SCROG works similarly to LST but involves a screen, net, or trellis against which the cannabis plant is encouraged to grow horizontally. This method also creates more budding sites by stretching out branches to expose more nodes to the light.

3. Topping

Topping is a type of pruning that takes place just before the plants enter the flowering phase. Get some pruning shears and top all the branches to rein in the stretch that takes place during the flowering phase.

This might sound drastic, but it will encourage the plants to focus their energies on producing flower heads rather than wasting energy on growing upwards.

Follow these tips to prune safely:

  1. Wait for a minimum of 3 layers of leaves before cutting;
  2. Always use a pair of clean, sharp scissors or secateurs;
  3. After cutting, there should always be enough leaves left to allow the plant to breathe and photosynthesize;
  4. Don't worry if the new growth turns light green after cutting; this is normal!

There really isn't an optimal height for cannabis; it all depends on your personal preference, space, and growing setup. Ultimately, if you want to maximize your yields, it pays to learn as much about the strain as possible, and this includes expected height.

What have we learned?

It might seem like an obvious aspect of growing cannabis plants, but there is much we learned about the plant's height, which is mostly dictated by strain and growth conditions.

From the towering Sativa to the compact Indica, and the stout Ruderalis, each strain brings unique stature and cultivation needs.

Outdoor cultivation allows for nature to guide plant growth, leading to impressive heights creating green skyscrapers in your cannabis garden.

Indoor growth, on the other hand, requires strategic height management to ensure ample light exposure and efficient resource use.

Techniques like Low-Stress Training, Screen of Green, and Topping offer practical ways to influence plant structure. Ultimately, understanding the unique needs of your chosen strain is key to optimizing yield and maintaining a harmonious growing environment.

You are never too old to learn, and if you want more lessons like this, visit our Learning Center.

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