How Many Autoflowers In a Tent?

How Many Autoflowers In a Tent?

Starting out on your cannabis-growing adventure or looking to perfect your craft? Many growers look to tents to make the most out of their autoflowering yields. That’s because they are compact, quick-growing and easy to cultivate indoors.

How many autoflowers fit in a tent?

The number of cannabis plants you can grow in any tent set-up depends on a number of factors:

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Different autoflowers grow at different heights, with some sitting at just 50 cm and others regularly overtaking 100 cm. A principal factor here is genetics. Sativa’s grow tall and Indica’s grow bushy, and autoflower hybrids can buck these trends. This will influence the sort of pot you want to grow in; its size and shape. The larger the pot, the fewer plants per square meter.


It also all depends on growing and training methods. For sheer scale, the Sea of Green (SOG) method allows you to plant more pots per square meter.

By comparison, Screen of Green (ScrOG) makes the best use of just a single plant by encouraging mass bud production across multiple branches kept in a mesh screen.

In general, autoflower seeds tend to be so fast-growing that you haven’t much time to apply complicated cultivation methods – making SOG growing ideal. This is a low-stress technique that makes the most out of space and is easy to manage.

Without diving too deeply into the mechanics of cultivation and techniques, here we look at how many autoflowers you can typically grow in a tent setup.

Pots / containers

One of the biggest surprise benefits of going with autoflowers is that they can be small. This is a real boon for those with limited indoor space.

As such, it’s often best to pick a small to medium pot size when growing in smaller tents to make the best use of space. If you have no issues with space, by all means go for a 12+ liter pot to let your strain reach its maximum height potential.

Autoflowers are among the top seeds to grow in tents not only because they are genetically compact, but they’re also no-fuss; simply provide the right conditions, and they’ll do the rest.

What’s more, as the interiors of growing tents are designed to reflect light, they’re ideal for those of us in less favorable climates. A tent can produce those fine conditions to help your strain thrive.

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So, how many autoflower in a tent?

You can typically grow 4 to 16 autoflowers per square meter, depending on your setup. You can expect to grow the following per square feet tent:

How many autoflowers in a 4x8 tent?

You can grow 12 to 18 autoflowers in a 4x8 tent

With a 4x8 tent, you have a number of growing options. To make the best use of space in this larger tent, a taller strain like Northern Lights x Big Bud auto or Girl Scout Cookies auto is recommended.

These regularly top 1 m in height and can produce exceptional harvests.

If planted in small single pots, you could even pack these side-by-side to cater for up to 32 poorly-treated plants. However, it’s best here to utilize larger pots with high-quality nutrients to achieve a plant count of 12 to 18 well-tended autoflower strains.

This gives them ample room to grow individually and produce quality yields.

Trimming is still recommended to keep more bushy growth in check and allow for all-around light penetration.

How many autoflowers in a 4x4 tent?

You can grow 6 to 9 autoflowers in a 4x4 tent

A 4x4 setup is perfect for somewhat larger autoflower strains like Gelato auto or AK-47 auto. With taller, Sativa-dominant strains, just be sure you have enough height to control your plants. Otherwise, trimming and pruning is a great way to make use of this space.

When grown in high-quality soil or hydroponics, you can sow between 6 and 9 plants. You can plant these in a simple 3 plant row setup that’s easy to maintain and control.

If your plants grow bushy, simply prune them to allow more light to penetrate their stems and leaves.

How many autoflowers in a 3x3 tent?

You can grow 4 to 6 autoflowers in a 3x3 tent

With a 3x3 tent setup, it’s best to opt for medium-growing autoflowers like Northern Lights auto or Tangerine Dream auto. While these can push 100 cm in optimal conditions, you can control your growth to keep things under 80 cm.

Planted with adequate space for the highest quality yields, you can plant between 4 and 6 autoflowers within this setup.

You can plant these 2 by 2 in a simple row or in unique 2 – 1 – 2 patterns. If you keep things very compact, you could even manage up to 9 plants of lesser yield size with 3 pots in 3 rows.

Of course, you could also grow one single large plant too, but autoflowers generally respond better to space-saving SOG methods thanks to their precise vegetative period.

How many autoflowers in a 2x4 tent?

You can grow 4 to 6 autoflowers in a 2x4 tent

A 2x4 tent size is one of the more popular options for apartment growing. The compact size still allows you to cultivate between 4 and 6 plants with ease. Most tents of this size are accommodating for height.

If not, it’s best to go for more compact-growing strains like Critical auto or Haze auto, which can be kept within 60 cm and planted in 3 to 5-liter pots. It’s best to lay out your plants with 3 pots in 2 rows.

With smaller plant pots, you could even manage 2 rows of 4 plants for a total of 8 autoflowers.

How many autoflowers in a 2x2 tent? 

You can grow 1 to 2 autoflowers in a 2x2 tent

2x2 tents are compact. They’re perfect for beginners learning the ropes of tent growth or for compact spaces, like spare cupboards or corners. Traditionally, growers tend to use these compact sizes to grow mother plants, which can be cut and cultivated elsewhere.

With autoflowers, you can grow between 1 and 2 plants within this space. If height is also an issue, you can opt for some of the most manageable strains, like Santa Maria auto or Zkittlez auto.

These are renowned not only for their ease of growth, but for their compact heights of just 50 cm.

This tent is just the right size for two 5 liter pots – so you don’t want to choose a large strain that will make poor use of this limited size.

Alternatively, a single 11-liter pot will fit in a 2x2 tent, so you can opt for a larger, 100 cm height strain.

You can grow 1 to 2 plants in a 2x2 tent

Advantages of growing autoflowers in a tent

Growing autoflower strains of cannabis in controlled tents brings a number of excellent benefits, making them among the most popular means for indoor cultivation. Here you can think of:


For one, you can easily regulate the temperature, humidity and light of your crops. This is essential for promoting healthy indoor yields.

Enough space

Perhaps more crucially for indoor growers, you can also keep your operation compact with a tent to produce the best possible yields for your available space.

Tents provide the right amount of lateral space, promoting universal growth that’s efficient and easy to manage across your strains.

Low costs, low maintenance and high protection

One of the biggest assets of tents is their low cost, low maintenance and high protection. Whether you’re keeping things small or looking for huge yields, they’ll keep your plants sheltered from pests.

What’s more, they’ll also help trap and control odors. With a good purification and filtration system, these smells will be removed without annoying any roommates or neighbors who don’t like them.

They’re also unassuming and lightweight, too – making them easily transportable if you’re short on space.

All of these benefits make tent setups perfect for autoflowers. Autoflowers grow exceptionally easily, react well to limited spaces and can be tackled by new growers or experienced hands alike.

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