Growing Weed at Home Without Lights in 6 Steps

Growing Weed at Home Without Lights in 6 Steps

Growing marijuana may seem like a particularly challenging job to many, but let us reassure you. Anyone can do it, so why not you? You can even grow marijuana plants indoors without lights.

This way of growing is also called window farming and is very popular in Canada, America and Australia. The popularity is not surprising when you look at the advantages of growing without grow lights.

No sky-high energy bills, no unwanted eyes, no grow tent needed and a cannabis plant grown in a completely natural way! Isn't that what everyone wants? Especially when you are growing for the first time!

Growing without artificial lights does come with some challenges. Especially when growing weed indoors. A good preparation is therefore essential.

Are you curious as to how you can successfully grow indoors without the full spectrum of grow lights? Then read on!

The importance of light and hours of uninterrupted darkness

Let’s start with some basic knowledge for the indoor grower.

Can a weed plant grow without light? No. A cannabis plant needs light. In fact, next to water, light is the most important element for a successful growth and bloom.

Light ensures that photosynthesis takes place. Photosynthesis is the process by which the plant converts light and CO2 (carbon dioxide) into oxygen and sugar. An important process, because without photosynthesis the plant simply cannot grow. In short, you need light and the more light, the more photosynthesis, the better the plant grows.

However, the light does not have to come from a lamp. In fact, a cannabis plant loves sunlight. Growing cannabis indoors without lamps is therefore no problem at all as long as the sunlight reaches the plant.

Light intensity is also very important, especially during the flowering stage, because the more powerful the light, the bigger the buds. For the best results, you should plan your grow so that flowering takes place in mid-summer.

Learn how to grow high-quality indoor weed without artificial light 

Curious how indoor weed growing without lights takes place? Let's get straight down to business. Follow the step-by-step plan below and make your first indoor grow a great success!

  1. Select a suitable location
  2. Choose a suitable variety
  3. Select your pot
  4. Choosing a cultivation medium
  5. Plan the start
  6. Temperature

Step 1: Select a suitable location

The first step to successfully grow indoors with natural light is to find a sunny spot in front of the window. Preferably on a windowsill in front of a window facing south. That's where your plant will receive the most light.

Do you choose a different spot? Then there is a good chance that your plant will receive too little sunlight and as a result will not grow well and will stretch.

Your plant will start looking for light, grow too high, and branches will become thin. Not exactly a stable basis for a healthy cannabis plant that can grow big buds. So choose your spot with care.

Step 2: Choose a suitable variety

After you have found a suitable spot, it is time to orient yourself on a suitable variety. Since you are going to grow weed without the aid of lamps, we advise you to choose a variety that flowers automatically and for a short time. Such a strain is called an autoflower.

The main advantage of an autoflower is that, unlike a photoperiod strain, it flowers based on age and not on seasonal change. So an autoflower will always flower as long as the plant receives water and sunlight. However, that is not the only advantage. Autoflowers are relatively small plants and therefore very suitable for window-sill placement.

Do you want to grow without light? Then you need autoflowering seeds. Click here to check our wide range of autoflower seeds.

Step 3. Choose your pot

In step 3 you choose a pot to grow in. The pot must meet at least two requirements.

Firstly, the pot must not let sunlight through. Roots are not resistant to this. Therefore, it is best to choose a dark pot. Secondly, the pot must have drainage holes so that excess water can easily drain away.

Place a (matching) saucer under the pot, so you can collect excess water.

Step 4: Choosing a cultivation medium

Cultivation is preferably done in soil. For a successful indoor grow without the presence of artificial light, you need nutritious soil that is airy and drains well. Choose an organic soil without chemical additives.

Step 5: Plan the start

Timing is of the essence. As explained in Step 1 your plant needs plenty of sunlight for healthy plant growth. Therefore, do not grow your plant in the winter.

During the growth phase (vegetative phase) your plant needs at least 14 hours of light per day. Therefore, start germinating and planting the seed at the end of April. In any case, do not start before the end of April or later than early August. This way you avoid a disappointing harvest or even a failed grow.

Step 6: Temperature

In addition to sufficient sunlight, the indoor temperature must be well regulated. Weed plants love a warm environment. Preferably 21 degrees, with a minimum of 20 degrees.

Below 20 degrees, the plant gets too cold and gets stressed. Prevent that. A stressed plant grows less well, which you will eventually see reflected in your harvest.

During the growth phase, it should at no time be warmer than 29 degrees in your grow room. For the flowering phase, the maximum temperature is 26 degrees.

Let’s start growing indoors without lights

Now that you know how to grow weed indoors without guessing from lamps, you can make preparations such as buying a pot, soil and cannabis seeds. With the latter we are happy to help you. Take a look at our weed seeds and contact us if you have any questions.