2023 Guide on Buying Cannabis Seeds in Oregon

2023 Guide on Buying Cannabis Seeds in Oregon

A laid-back state blessed with a verdant, green landscape, cosmopolitan cities, and a rich farming tradition rooted in her fertile soil, Oregon has absolutely everything the discerning weed lover could want from a home.

Oregon's credentials as a weed-friendly state actually go back to 1973, when it became the first place in America to decriminalize cannabis use.

Full legalization was subsequently rejected in public votes in both 1986 and 2012, before finally getting the green light in 2014 when the state legislature passed Measure 91.

Oregonian marijuana enthusiasts soon set about making up for lost time, establishing a cannabis scene to rival Colorado's or California's. It's an innovative community which welcomes new ideas, so if you're thinking about getting involved you'll be welcomed with open arms.

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Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Oregon?

Indeed it is. Measure 91 granted full legalization for both medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, so you are free to buy as many cannabis seeds as you like.

You'll find plenty of cannabis dispensaries to buy seeds from locally, although if you want the widest possible variety of choice you'll probably want to look online.

Is it legal to grow weed in Oregon?

Happily, growing weed is also legal in Oregon, although as you would expect there are a few conditions attached.

You'll need to be aged 21 or over, and will be limited to four plants per household unless you want to apply for a license to operate a commercial growing enterprise.

Strictly speaking it's best to keep personal crops indoors, as the law requires that they are kept away from public view.

Commercial growers and those wanting to cultivate more than four plants for personal use need to apply for a license.

As always, taking a proactive approach towards setting up a commercial weed growing venture is advised, so be sure to check with the local authorities to ensure that you are fully compliant with all legislation.

Can you buy marijuana seeds in Oregon?

Many weed dispensaries and other cannabis businesses across Oregon will have a selection of seeds for sale. They'll also be able to offer advice about which strains and varieties grow well in the local climate.

If you're after something specific, however, you're much more likely to find it online.

How do you buy marijuana seeds in Oregon?

As mentioned above, your two main options for buying marijuana seeds in Oregon are to look online or pay a visit to a dispensary.

Small-scale growers might also be willing to sell you seeds, although these may not be as accurately categorized as those provided by commercial suppliers.

What are the best strains of cannabis to grow in Oregon?

Fed by the Rogue River and its many tributaries, thought to be blessed with the ideal PH level for cultivating marijuana, Oregon is said to be the best place to grow weed in the world.

So it's really a case of finessing your selection as opposed to finding weed varieties which will grow (spoiler alert, they all will — if you know what you're doing).

However, here are a few weed varieties we recommend if you want to make the most of Oregon's spectacular climate and nourishing soil:

1. Durban Poison


A favorite with both novices and more experienced weed growers, Durban Poison manages to be both easy to grow and delightful to smoke. Plants can grow up to 2.5 meters tall, and the resulting buds are flavorsome and sweet-smelling, with hints of pine and a smooth texture.

First developed by 'The Guru of Ganja' himself Ed Rosenthal in South Africa back in the 1970s, this adaptable weed variety can be grown in both hot weather and colder climates.

This versatility has led to it becoming something of an icon in the cannabis world, as evidenced by its many prizes and enduring popularity.

Plants can flower in as little as 7 weeks, so it's totally doable to cultivate multiple crops in a single season. Outdoor growers can look forward to yields of up to 700 grams per m2, while those growing indoors can expect around 400 to 500 grams per m2.

One small note of caution; these beauties will grow prodigiously if left unchecked. So to keep your plants within a manageable size (a must if you want to keep them out of sight), we recommend using SCROG (Screen of Green) techniques.

2. OG Kush


Originally developed in northern California, OG Kush has become a popular choice for both amateur and professional growers across the world.

It makes an exceptionally smart choice for home-growers who might have limited space available, as plants tend to be compact in stature yet loaded with plump, resin-rich buds.

Flowering times are between 8 and 9 weeks, meaning that it is possible to harvest indoor crops within 12 to 16 weeks from planting.

Yields compare favourably with other weed varieties, especially when you consider that plant heights are usually somewhat modest at between 90cm and 1.6 meters.

Indoor crops should produce around 425 to 475 grams per m2 with the aid of basic growing techniques, while outdoor yields are around 475 to 550 grams per m2.

With a pleasantly mellow, earthy flavor and a deliciously spicy fragrance, OG Kush is definitely one of the stronger weed varieties out there. THC content is above 20%, which is reflected in its effects.

These range from a mild sense of euphoria if smoked in moderation, to a powerful, heady rush which can keep even experienced smokers up talking right through the night.

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3. Granddaddy Purple


True to its name, this classic of the cannabis world is purple in color. It was created by a bunch of talented Californian weed breeders who crossbred the formidable Big Bud strain with the more subtle, sweet-smelling and purple-hued Purple Uncle variety.

Perfectly happy whether grown inside or outdoors, Grandaddy Purple is a hardy fellow, being resistant to many plant diseases and fungal growth.

This makes it a wise option for beginner growers, although professional growers also appreciate its ease of maintenance and reliable yields.

Expect indoor plants to grow to about 60cm to 1 meter in height, while outdoor plants get up to around 1.8 meters. In terms of yields, your indoor plants will produce as much as 400 grams per m2, while plants grown outside can manage up to 450 grams.

Flowering times are between 8 to 11 weeks, after which you can enjoy the calming, gently psychedelic effects of this highly enjoyable, fragrant, and sweet-tasting treat.

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4. Blue Dream


Capable of thriving in most weather conditions, Blue Dream has become a popular choice for weed growers all over the world.

A perfect balance of the Blueberry and Haze # 1 strains, it was developed in California with the intention of creating a weed variety which would be both easy to maintain and a joy to smoke.

As a fast-growing variety, Blue Dream plants will grow to heights of up to 2 meters indoors and 3 meters outside, meaning that it advisable to consider trimming your crop.

This prodigious growth cycle does however mean that yields are impressive, with indoor plants producing around 550 to 650 grams per m2 and outdoor plants even more productive at up to 900 grams per m2.

Flowering times are also highly respectable, at around 9 to 10 weeks.

While the plants are highly resistant to disease and mold, they will also reward skilled growers who utilise training techniques such as LST or trimming with even greater trichome and THC content, making this a strong smoking experience complete with complex flavors and exotic aromas.

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5. Original Glue

An expertly blended mix of ApePower, MonkeyWeed and HealthMonkey, Original Glue won the Cannabis Cup largely due to its impressive THC content and highly appealing fragrance. As a powerful weed variety, Original Glue is best smoked in moderation.

So this is one for those days when you just want to lie back on your couch and relax.

Original Glue thrives in warmer environments, making it the ideal fit for Oregon's temperate climate. If you take the outdoor route, expect your plants to grow as tall as 2.2 meters unless kept in check, which could be an issue if you want to keep your crop out of sight.

Fortunately, indoor plants are usually easier to keep under control, making this a solid option for Oregonian growers.

Flowering times are around 7 to 9 weeks, while yields can potentially be as much as 600 grams per m2.

Buds are dense and packed with resin, while the flavor and aroma profile is equally impressive with notes of caramel, hints of chocolate, and a luxurious scent with overtones of pine and citrus.

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Is there anything else I need to know?

Weed legislation is changing all the time, so as always make sure that you are fully up to date with any relevant laws before you embark on a cannabis growing enterprise in Oregon.

Not all cities take the same approach, so check to make sure that there aren't any local rules in place which might trip you up.

Generally, though, by all accounts Oregon is a fantastic place in which to grow weed. Discretion is key, so don't go overboard with your crop, buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank and keep it out of public view if at all possible. And above all, have fun, and enjoy!