10 Low Odor Cannabis Strains To Reduce Smell (2024 Update)

A low-odor cannabis strain

It's no secret that cannabis has a strong smell when you grow it.

Although there are other important ways to reduce the smell of your plants (such as using a grow tent and carbon filter) choosing strains that have a low smell to start with is a good first step.

Here are 10 cannabis strains that you can find right here at WeedSeedsExpress that will allow you to grow discretely.

If you need help with choosing or growing a low odor strain, please email us at [email protected] - one of our experts will be happy to help.

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights from WeedSeedsExpress grown by FrostRailz on Growdiaries

The Northern Lights cannabis strain is a classic Indica that stays short and bushy, making it ideal for discreet indoor home grows. It has a mild aroma that won't overpower if you have decent airflow and filter your exhaust.

Northern Lights flowers quickly in about 8 weeks. It responds well to training techniques like LST and SCROG due to the compact size and tight node spacing. Indoors it typically yields up to 18 oz per square meter.

There is also an autoflowering version available for even more discretion without losing Northern Lights' essential qualities.

2. Master Kush

Master Kush from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Roberts on Growdiaries

The pure Indica MK Ultra cannabis strain barely smells when flowering, making it ideal for discreet indoor grows.

It naturally stays short and bushy at 100-120cm max height. MK Ultra also flowers fast in 8-10 weeks for quick, low odor harvests.

Yields are decent at 350-450g per square meter indoors. This strain responds well to topping, training, and defoliation to prevent mold on the dense buds.

3. White Widow

White Widow from WeedSeedsExpress grown by 79bronco on Growdiaries

The White Widow cannabis strain has a mild smell, so with a decent carbon filter, odor is not an issue. This makes it great for discreet indoor grows.

White Widow stays relatively short, thriving in tight spaces like tents or closets. It's easy to grow indoors for beginners - just provide regular feedings and decent lighting for thick, frosted buds at harvest.

Experienced growers can yield over half a pound per light with training. For maximum stealth and speed, there is an autoflowering White Widow option available.

4. Lowryder Auto

The Lowryder Auto cannabis strain has mellow, earthy aromas with hints of citrus. The subtle scent stays discreet from seed to harvest, making it great for stealthy indoor grows.

This autoflowering strain stays extremely short, maxing out around 40 cm tall. You can easily tuck Lowryder Auto away in tight spaces like closets and cabinets.

With quick 8-week flowering times, multiple harvests per year are possible indoors. Lowryder Auto is resilient, bouncing back from stresses and mold easily. She also doesn't require much care or nutrients.

5. Super Skunk Auto

The autoflowering Super Skunk cannabis strain has low odor with fruity, lemon and tangerine hints - not skunky funk. You can skip heavy duty carbon filters with this strain.

Super Skunk Auto stays short at 90-110 cm high, excellent for indoor growing. With a fast life cycle around 3 months seed to harvest, you can pull multiple crops per year indoors.

This is a resilient, low maintenance strain that bounces back from stresses and isn't too demanding with nutrients. She responds well to training techniques like SOG and SCROG to maximize yields.

6. Cheese Auto

The autoflowering Cheese cannabis strain puts out less odor than most kushes during flowering, making it good for discreet indoor grows. With proper ventilation and odor control, the funk can be contained.

Cheese Auto stays relatively short at 70-100cm, so height is not an issue indoors. It's not picky about lighting schedules or nutrients.

Indoor yields are around 350-450g per square meter. Cheese Auto prioritizes quality over quantity but still produces solid yields.

It's resilient to mold as well. The photoperiod version yields more but takes longer.

7. Bubba Kush Auto

The autoflowering Bubba Kush cannabis strain has barely any smell. Its mellow coffee/chocolate aroma is easy to control indoors with a carbon filter.

Bubba Kush Auto stays compact at around 3 feet tall, perfect for tents and closets. The fast 8-week flowering time allows harvests every 2 months. Yields reach up to 16 ounces per plant with good lighting.

This is a super beginner-friendly strain that practically grows itself without much training or nutrients required.

The photoperiod Bubba Kush yields more but doesn't have the ultra-fast growth.

8. Sour Diesel Auto

The autoflowering Sour Diesel cannabis strain has a chill diesel/citrus aroma rather than a loud funky odor. A carbon filter controls any smell issues indoors.

The fast 8-9 week flowering time allows harvests every 2 months, ideal for indoor setups. Yields can reach 14 ounces per plant with good lighting.

Sour Diesel Auto stays short at around 3 feet tall, perfect for closets and tents. The relaxed growth makes it beginner-friendly.

The photoperiod Sour Diesel maximizes harvests but requires a longer grow duration.

9. CBD White Widow Auto

This CBD-dominant White Widow auto strain has low, earthy herbal odor without loud skunkiness. The subtle scent won't stink up indoor grows.

The short, stocky auto is mold resistant, making indoor growing easy. The fast 8-9 week flowering time enables several harvests per year.

Expect medium yields around 1.5 ounces per square foot. It stays short at 3-4 feet tall but produces chunky, CBD-rich buds.

For maximum yield, go with the regular photoperiod CBD White Widow rather than the autoflowering version.

10. CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Masss from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Mrs_Larimar on Growdiaries

The CBD Critical Mass cannabis strain is very stealthy indoors thanks to its low odor - just faint citrus and pine notes. It's perfect for indoor tents, closets, or room setups.

This strain stays naturally short and bushy for easy indoor cultivation. No need for plant training. Flowering time is a quick 8-9 weeks.

For an even more discreet auto-flowering option, CBD Critical Mass autoflower seeds are available.

Looking For More Low Odor Strains?

We hope you found the perfect low odor strain for your grow.

If you need more options, please check out our full range of auto flower strains - most autoflowers will have a lower smell than their photoperiod counterparts.

We also recommend checking out our indica seeds for sale, which are known to have lower odor than sativa marijuana seeds.

Happy growing!