5 Fastest Autoflower Strains For A Quick Grow ⌛

Autoflowers almost ready for harvest

The fastest autoflowers strains have a relatively short period before they begin to pop. From seed to nugs can be a mere 9 to 10 weeks. That’s a short period, so you’ll get your buds before you know it.

If automatic flowering appeals to you, then you likely want to know which are the fastest growing autoflower strains. We will look at attributes such as flowering time, effects, and flavor. 

You’ll probably also want to know how powerful each strain is. And finally, we’ll look at expected yields.

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1. AK-47 Autoflower - 42-56 days

AK-47 Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by leafy_greenz on Growdiaries

The balanced hybrid AK-47 autoflower provides relaxing and stimulating effects suitable for all-day use.

It flowers in just 42-56 days. The dense, trichome-covered buds have an earthy, sweet sugary aroma and taste. THC reaches 21% while CBD is 1%. Indoor yields are 400-500g/m2.

Outdoors, expect 60-90g per plant. With its rapid flowering, balanced effects, and solid yields, AK-47 is among the fastest and best autoflowers.

2. Sweet Tooth Autoflower - 42-49 days

The aptly named Sweet Tooth autoflower strain has a sweet, citrusy, floral flavor that satisfies cravings.

Despite a short stature, outdoor yields reach up to 200g per plant. After just 42 days, you can harvest the sugar-coated buds that provide an uplifting and relaxing high from head to toe.

With heavy yields in a short time and a taste that curbs any sweet tooth, Sweet Tooth is one of the fastest autoflowers.

3. Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower - 42-49 days

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Nedyah420 and Growing420_ABC on Growdiaries

The autoflowering Northern Lights x Big Bud strain combines relaxing indica properties with some mental stimulation, making it great for all-day use.

It takes 11-12 weeks to harvest. The large flowers have a sweet, earthy aroma and citrusy flavor. Indoor yields reach 500-600g/m2.

Outdoors, up to 100g per plant is possible. With solid yields and well-rounded effects, this strain produces abundant buds in a moderate harvest time.

4. Black Jack Autoflower - 42-49 days

Black Jack Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Roberts on Growdiaries

The sativa-dominant Black Jack autoflower takes only 6 weeks from seed to bud, with total harvest in 9 weeks.

It provides energizing, mentally stimulating effects ideal for daytime use like improved concentration and focus. The dense, frosty buds have a sweet, spicy fruit profile and 23% THC.

In addition to its speed, Black Jack delivers yields up to 550g/m2 indoors and 250g outdoors. Its rapid growth, energizing sativa effects, and substantial yields make Black Jack a top high-yielding autoflower strain.

5. Hindu Kush Autoflower - 39-49 days

The autoflowering Hindu Kush strain flowers in just 39 days, the fastest of any autoflower.

Originally from the Hindu Kush mountains, this easy-to-grow, Indica-dominant strain allows multiple outdoor harvests per season. With optimal conditions, yields reach 100g per plant.

The buds have an earthy, sweet Kush flavor and deeply relaxing effects. Hindu Kush's rapid growth and serene properties explain its enduring popularity over centuries as an ideal unwinding strain after work.


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