8 Best Autoflowering Sativa Strains (2024 UPDATE)

Sativa plant in its early flowering stage

If you're looking for uplifting and energizing effects with a short grow-time, sativa-dominant autoflower strains are the obvious choice.

In this article, we will cover the top sativa-leaning autoflower strains available.

1. Tangerine Dream Auto

Tangerine Dream Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by roberts and spyder on Growdiaries

Tangerine Dream Auto, is an easy to grow autoflowering strain, robust and hardy for indoor cultivation with minimal pruning required.

It has a delicious fruity citrus flavor with earthy, spicy notes and a balanced THC/CBD profile that delivers a relaxing yet uplifting creative, focused, dreamy high - perfect for chilling out while still being productive.


2. Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Kendog420 and JohnnyBlaze on Growdiaries

Blue Dream's a hugely popular California strain with its signature purple and blue colors. Being an autoflowering variety, it's a great pick for beginners - robust enough for indoor or outdoor growing and flowers quickly in 6-8 weeks.

The fruity flavor profile's iconic, with juicy blueberry and rich summer fruit notes balanced by earthy pine. The high THC levels deliver a euphoric cerebral high that's both uplifting and deeply relaxing. 

3. Bruce Banner Auto

Bruce Banner Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Mosquito_Haarlem_Holland on Growdiaries

Named after the Hulk, Bruce Banner is an absolute heavy-hitter with its 25% THC. This autoflowering cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush is easy to grow even for beginners, thriving both indoors and out with hardy growth and great yields.

It has a sweet, fruity flavor profile - citrus, strawberry, cherry with diesel kicks. The high is an energizing creativity boost that stabilizes your mood like the green monster himself.

4. Green Crack Auto

Green Crack Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by dinni5yn and Mother on Growdiaries

Green Crack is a potent classic from California with high THC that yields big. This easy, fast variety is great for beginners indoors and out in warm, dry climates.

The fruity tropical flavors hit notes of mango, papaya, apple with floral spice. The invigorating cerebral buzz delivers a sustained energy lift that battles fatigue and stress.

It's an energizing yet focused high perfect for getting creative. No wonder it's so popular!

5. Jack Herer Auto

Jack Herer's a popular award-winning strain named after the cannabis advocate. This autoflowering variety makes it easy to grow even for beginners, with high resistance to fungi indoors and out.

It thrives in warm, dry climates outdoors up to 120cm tall, or 100cm indoors. Fast flowering in just 5-7 weeks means harvest in under 2 months!

The fruity, woody aroma has forest fruit and citrus notes plus earthy grassiness. The energetic, relaxing high is great for creative work and alleviating anxiety and stress. An instant classic sativa perfect for clearing your head!

6. Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze is an award-winning sativa strain known for its lemon and wood flavors. The autoflowering seeds make this an easy beginner strain to grow. It thrives indoors or out with good fungal resistance.

Though it can get tall, up to 150cm outside and 100cm inside, it grows fast and requires little attention.

The flavor profile is complex with pronounced zesty lemon and citrus notes giving way to funky aromas from the high THC levels.

It delivers an energetic, stimulating high perfect for getting creative juices flowing, especially first thing in the morning. 

7. Haze Auto

Haze Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by PEAKYPLANTERS and Mani1728 on Growdiaries

Haze is a true OG strain from the 60s that inspired generations of artists with its creative high. The autoflowering seeds make this an easy, beginner-friendly grow.

With good resistance to fungi, it thrives indoors or out with minimal care beyond good fertilizer. Though it can hit 150cm outside, 100cm inside, it grows quickly in warm, sunny conditions. Plant in spring for two harvests by fall!

The sweet, exotic aroma has big lemon and citrus notes plus deep spices and iconic earthiness from that high THC. The legendary effects leave you energized and inspired but a tolerance is recommended. 

8. Jack Widow Auto

Jack Widow Auto from WeedSeedsExpress grown by Roberts on Growdiaries

Jack Widow's a cross of those classics Jack Herer and White Widow, so no wonder it grows tall fast and flowers quickly. Like other autoflowers, it's an easy grow for beginners indoors or out.

Though it digs warmth and sun, it won't shrivel up if the weather cools. It gets pungent so filter indoors! In just 11-13 weeks it can hit 150cm inside or a whopping 180cm outside.

The flavor balances fruity and floral tastes with earthy pine and cedar spice. At a powerful 20% THC but with CBD too, it delivers super relaxing effects perfect for a nightcap or just kicking back.