Top 5 Best Mold Resistant Weed Strains

Top 5 Best Mold Resistant Weed Strains

Mold, botrytis, bud rot, powdery mildew... Every grower knows that these pesky fungi can ruin a crop in a matter of days. In the worst case scenario, you have completed your harvest, only to discover that your buds have a funky and unpleasant flavor, unusable for consumption.

Even if you take every precaution as mentioned in our how to get rid of mold guide, the odds are you will still encounter these aggravating fungal spores at one point during your cultivation journey. While there are ways to get rid of mold, we feel that prevention is always better than cure. This is why we selected the best mold resistant weed strains for you to minimize the odds of having to deal with this annoying issue.

Before we present to you our mold resistant weed strain recommendations, we will explain to you what these types of strains are.

What are mold resistant weed strains?

Mold resistant strains are weed strains that are either naturally resistant to mold or have been specially cultivated for more resilience against mold growth. One of the most important characteristics of mold-resistant strains is high resin production, which the cannabis plant uses to protect itself from the elements.

For instance, Landrace strains that have been grown in the same region for years tend to be mold-resistant because they learned to adapt and thrive in wet environments, where continuously rain-soaked buds provide the perfect environment for mold growth. Moreover, landrace strains have been inbred over multiple generations and not exhaustively crossbred, causing them to retain certain qualities like mold resilience.

Hawaii strains are also known for their mold resistance. The mild climate and abundant rainfall in Hawaii provide an ideal environment for mold, forcing these strains to adapt naturally to these circumstances. Furthermore, (landrace)strains with a long history of growing well outdoors in wet climates, such as those from Central & South America Africa, and Asia will thrive in areas prone to mold problems.

Originating from Siberia, the very mold resistant autoflower strains have a naturally high resistance to mold, environmental stress, and insect predation due to the harsh conditions of their place of origin.

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Finally, many mold-resistant strains that were specifically cultivated for this purpose are often a Sativa dominant strain or a hybrid with genetics that are derived from mold-resistant landrace strains.

The best mold resistant strains - Top 5

Growing mold resistant strains could save you a lot of trouble. You've just learned about the different types of mold resistant cannabis, but how do you select the best ones? Don't worry, we have done the research for you. So without further ado, here are our top 5 picks of strains with excellent mold resistance:

  1. Super Silver Haze
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Sweet Tooth
  4. AK-47
  5. White Widow

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1. Super Silver Haze feminized and Super Silver Haze autoflower seeds

Super Silver Haze is an iconic Sativa-dominant hybrid with just the right amount of indica properties to prevail in cold and humid climates.

Containing genetics from impressive progenitors like Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk#1 this strain is not only mold resistant, but also incredibly potent with THC levels of up to 21%.

After an average flowering stage, she provides abundant yields of vigorous buds that ensure a strong Haze high, which is an instant mood booster.

On top of that, she offers delectable skunky flavors with uplifting notes of lemon, sandalwood, and spice.

2. Northern Lights feminized and Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Northern Lights is an Indica dominant strain derived from a mixture of Afghani and Thai.

As a result of the powerful genetic base that underpins this variety, she is able to offer an effective defense against mold infestation, thereby ensuring high levels of protection during the entire crop cycle.

Her high tolerance to excess humidity is another factor why this strain is extremely suitable for environments prone to mold forming.

With THC levels up to 20%, copious yields, and a delicious smell and taste of honey-musk and wild juniper, Northern light is a perfect option for those growing in wetter climates.

3. Sweet Tooth feminized and Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds

The highly mold-resistant Sweet Tooth is an Indica dominant variety of Afghani x Nepalese x Hawaiian origin.

She offers impressive yields of quality cannabis with a sweet taste combined with fruity flavors of fresh berries, mango, and wildflowers with just a hint of earthiness and a cotton candy-like aftertaste.

With up to 19% THC, her potent effects include an almost euphoric, intense cerebral buzz and long-lasting, relaxing body stone.

No wonder she is such a popular choice with outdoor growers in the more humid regions around the globe.

4. AK-47 feminized and AK-47 autoflower seeds

AK-47 is a slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid that comes from crossing Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghan. This impressive heritage ensured a very high mold resistance, which makes outdoor cultivation almost always successful.

AK-47 weed seeds feature many advantages like being easy to grow, generous harvest potential of excellent quality weed as well as incredibly potent effects from which her name is derived.

This variety offers woody and sweet fruity aromas with some spicy earthiness and a slightly acidic aroma and a distinct earthy dank smell.

Are you looking to grow some quality, potent weed in less-than-favorable weather conditions? AK-47 is your new go-to strain for cooler climates!

5. White Widow feminized and White Widow autoflower seeds

When you talk about famous mold-resistant cannabis strains, White Widow is certainly deserving of a spot on this list.

She is not only highly resistant to mold and pests but also super easy to grow, making her an excellent choice for beginners.

Being a perfectly balanced hybrid with a generous THC level of 25%, this potent cannabis strain offers a fast, powerful high, and euphoric effect.

There is a sweet and sour flavor and aroma to White Widow, as well as notes of sandalwood and tropical fruit.

Accustomed to wet Dutch summers, White Widow never fails to deliver high yields of sticky resin-dripping buds, even under less-than-ideal growing conditions.

Choose your favorite mold resistant strain

Realizing a healthy, bountiful harvest shouldn’t be hindered by challenges like mold. Knowing which weed seeds to pick is crucial, and that’s where Weedseedsexpress can assist you.

Discover for our top 5 best mold-resistant strains, all ideally suited for outdoor growing in wet climates where the risk of mold is significantly higher than in drier areas. Indoor growers dealing with mold and powdery mildew will also find these resilient strains make cultivation much easier.

We believe these mold-resistant weed seeds will enhance your gardening experience, regardless of which you choose to cultivate next. Looking for more growing inspiration? Check out our blog section to stay updated on upcoming releases and more top 5 lists. Just starting out? Learn more about the cultivation process in our beginner's grow guide or explore our learning center.