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Question: Where does weed grow naturally?

Curious where cannabis naturally grows and where you have the biggest change of spotting weed in the wild? Check it out! Last updated 06/12/2022

    Cannabis has been successfully cultivated for many generations, but have you ever wondered whether there are places in the world where you can see clumps of it growing wild? Or even fields of it? The answer is 'yes'. But where does weed grow naturally?

    This article will explore the places you are most likely to come across wild growing marijuana, so get your passport and hiking boots ready!

    The natural habitat of cannabis

    Cannabis prefers warm and humid climates but is a very resilient plant that can cope with many habitats as long as the soil pH is between 5 and 7. Cannabis Sativa, for example, is indigenous to the tropical climes of Southeast Asia. However, there is plenty of evidence of Cannabis Sativa L. in the Americas long before the arrival of Columbus. It is believed to be transported from Asia via migrations made via the Bering Strait.

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    Cannabis Indica is native to the semi-arid and mountainous regions of Central Asia, particularly the Hindu Kush region of Northern India. Cannabis Ruderalis or wild hemp, meanwhile, is native to Southeastern Ancient Russia; it is thought that the Scythians disseminated it across Asia, particularly in Mongolia for "religious" (ritual) purposes. Wild hemp also grows wild in Central and Eastern Europe. It is frequently found along roadsides, fields and rivers.

    Climates loved by weed plants

    Left to its own devices, cannabis can thrive in most conditions. In a remote corner of Pakistan, for example, an untended bush was found to be the size of a one-storey house! Cannabis particularly likes the solid and climatic conditions of Afghanistan, once famous as the largest producer of weed in the world, along with opium. Weed will grow in unfarmed conditions - there is evidence that it was once widespread across most of Europe but quickly died out with the advent of Neolithic farming methods.

    Where to find weed in the wild?

    In many parts of the world, you can see cannabis growing freely without any human help. However, in some areas where cannabis cultivation is illegal, locals are certainly aware of the cannabis, and this might be so they can plausibly claim that the cannabis was growing wild if challenged by the authorities.

    One of the best areas to come across wild cannabis is in the foothills of the Himalayas which extend across another India and Nepal. This is a remote region and is the ideal habitat for wild weed to grow. In 2016, a YouTube blogger called Gabriel Morris went viral when he uploaded footage of a field of cannabis plants growing on a foothill.

    Thickets of wild cannabis can be found throughout Asia from Afghanistan to China; in fact, a 2013 study even mentioned an example of the plant being grown for ornamental reasons in a Chinese town.

    Is it smart to hunt for weed in the wild, and what are your other options?

    You can spot wild cannabis easily in many places in the wild. In the USA, wild marijuana can frequently be spotted in untended semi-wild spots, such as abandoned building sites and parking lots. It is known as 'ditch weed'. However, although you could probably use the plants for crossing to create new strains, the levels of THC contained within the leaves of such wild plants are almost certainly too low to get you high.

    Spotting a guerilla grow

    Another possibility is inadvertently stumbling across someone's 'stealth grow', seeds which have been deliberately planted in a remote spot to avoid detection. These would undoubtedly be worth harvesting if you could live with the guilt of stealing someone else's grow and the risk of the owner's anger if you were caught! Not something we would recommend!

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    If you are lucky enough to travel to the parts of the world where you can see large areas of wild cannabis, the sight might be enough to raise your heartbeat, but it isn't worth getting too excited about. You could gather the leaves to make hash, but you will need much higher quantities than properly cultivated weed, and there is, after all, a more straightforward option, which is to grow it yourself.

    Buy your own cannabis seeds

    If you are curious about growing weed yourself, and experimenting with different strains, why not do some research and buy marijuana seeds online from Weedseedsexpress? There are plenty of useful blogs offering invaluable advice and tips, and the experience of growing and harvesting your own bud is an experience which we are sure you will find richly rewarding!