2023 Guide to Buying Cannabis Seeds in Liverpool

2023 Guide to Buying Cannabis Seeds in Liverpool

Liverpool is a large city in the north of the UK and as such has several head shops where you can buy cannabis seeds. In the UK it is legal to buy seeds from a shop or online, but it is not currently legal to grow them so exercise great caution if this is your plan.

Growing weed in Liverpool

The climate of Liverpool is wet, and cool, with short summers and mild winters. Apart from the risk of falling foul of the law, it isn't the best location for growing an outdoor crop of weed, which is why we recommend indoor grows.

Growing weed in the UK is illegal and carries heavy penalties.

If you are still interested in growing weed in Liverpool or another area of the UK, we recommend only growing a small amount for your personal use, and, ideally, a strain which is high in CBD and low in THC, which is obviously for medicinal use.

You might just be able to avoid prosecution if caught, although this is by no means guaranteed.

Discretion is of the utmost importance if you want to grow weed indoors in Liverpool. Don't be tempted to share pictures online, don't talk to your family and friends and invest in a good ventilation system to prevent any unwanted smells from escaping.

Grow weed in the spring, summer and autumn to avoid detection from the lack of snow on your rooftop!

Best strains to grow in Liverpool

The latest generations of autoflowers with their superior genetics, potent weed and rapid time to harvest are recommended for indoor grows in Liverpool - or even outside grows if you have a large and discrete plot of land! Here are three types of weed that would grow well in Liverpool.

1. Gorilla Glue autoflower


Gorilla Glue autoflower is an easy to grow cannabis strain, renowned for the copious amounts of resin it produces. The yield will not disappoint you with an indoor and outdoor grow; even novice growers can expect an excellent quality of weed at harvest without too much hassle.

Indoors, she can deliver compact and very resinous buds under 600W lighting of 400-600g / m². When grown outdoors, you can yield up to 200g / plant under optimal conditions.

Her short flowering time of an average of 8 to 9 weeks from germination is also a major plus point! Gorilla Glue autoflower features a high THC content and contains proportionally more genetics from the Indica.

Smoking this cannabis results in a powerful high with a long-lasting relaxation.

The genetics are from Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb and Chem Sister. She has been awarded several awards; in 2014 she won the Social Cup and Michigan Cup and is one of our most popular strains.

2. Northern Lights autoflower


One of the better Afghan Indica cannabis strains is also available as an easy autoflower version. We're talking about the classic coffee shop bestseller Northern Lights.

With this great strain it doesn’t take months, but only a few weeks before you can reap the beautiful ripe fruits of Mother Nature.

Northern Lights is a multi-cup winner based on great Afghan genetics. A cannabis strain that has been showing off on the menus of just about every coffee shop since the 1970s and that guarantees a heavy and intense stoned effect.

Perfect against pain complaints, insomnia and thanks to its many trichomes also an excellent cannabis strain to make cannabis oil or concentrate.

Northern Lights' popularity is not only due to its intense effect. This strain is also a major party for growers.

The plants are robust and can take a beating in terms of storms and windy weather. Northern Lights grows well in a variety of climates. And that ease of cultivation is only increased with this autoflower variety.

The autoflowering variety of Northern Lights grows easily and quickly, but thanks to its autoflowering quality it remains nice and compact and therefore also discreet; useful in a city such as Liverpool!

Excellent yields of buds that can ripen well and become thick due to early flowering.

You will get the best harvests when you sow the seeds in May and put it outside in a large pot in a sunny place. After only 45 to 50 days of flowering, you can harvest around August.

But this auto is also happy with a sunny spot on your windowsill.

In terms of taste, Northern Lights has a lot in common with strains such as Skunk and Hash Plant, which share some of the same ancestors. An earthy yet sweet, spicy taste.

Sweet, citrus and resinous conifers are common descriptions of the taste of this tasty cannabis legend.

3. White Widow autoflower


Growing a generous portion of white weed in Liverpool will be very easy this summer with the Big White Widow Autoflower. That is an automatic flowering White Widow, but one that grows extra large. In just 11 weeks from the time of germination, she can yield up to 170 grams per plant outdoors!

White Widow is one of the most powerful Indica's, it owes its name to its thick layer of white trichomes that provide a potent and long-lasting effect. Crossing her autoflowering version back several generations with the original White Widow has created an oversized yet autoflowering variety of the classic.

Big White Widow Autoflower is a treat for cannabis enthusiasts and outdoor growers alike. It makes it possible to harvest up to 170 grams per plant in just 11 weeks. And on average, the yields of this autoflowering white widow are around 110 grams, also a mega yield for an autoflower.

The medicinal properties of Big White Widow Autoflower are varied thanks to the enormous amount of trichomes. From pain complaints to fighting muscle spasms to solving sleeping problems to a source of large quantities of cannabis oil, Big White Widow Autoflower can do it all. The strain provides deep calming relaxation for both body and mind.