10 Best Strains To Grow In Virginia Outdoors (2023 Update)

10 Best Strains To Grow In Virginia Outdoors (2023 Update)

Looking for the best strains to grow in Virginia outdoors? Explore this article to discover top cannabis varieties ideal for Virginia's open-air environment. Simple guidelines for vibrant outdoor plants! Last updated 24/08/2023 16 min read

    From the Appalachians to the coastal plains, Virginia's humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters, offers excellent opportunities for cannabis cultivation.

    However, selecting the right strains is vital as Virginia's humidity can invite pests and mold.

    This article will explore the best strains suited to Virginia's climate, guiding you toward successful cultivation in the "Mother of States."

    Cannabis Growing Climate in Virginia

    Best Strains To Grow In Virginia Outdoors

    1. Blue Dream

    Hailing from the sunny coasts of California, Blue Dream is a captivating hybrid strain, adored by recreational and medicinal users alike for its sublime mix of high THC content, easy growth, and seductive flavor palette.

    A child of the illustrious Blueberry Indica lineage, Blue Dream does more than just live up to its heritage; it proudly carries the torch, charming users with its sticky sweet berry flavor and powerful effects.

    Growing Blue Dream in Virginia Outdoors

    Blue Dream holds its own as a favorite among Virginia outdoor growers, particularly due to its resilient nature and adaptability to varying climates. Virginia's temperate climate is ideal for growing cannabis strains that have a hearty Sativa lineage like Blue Dream.

    Despite reaching enormous heights of up to 3 meters outdoors, the strain is quite easy to grow, making it a fantastic choice for beginners and seasoned growers alike. When grown in ideal outdoor conditions, you can anticipate an astonishing yield of up to 700 grams per plant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Blue Dream's aromatic profile is a wild journey through a world of indulgent flavors, where every inhale takes you down memory lane to the carefree summer days of your childhood.

    The powerful notes of fresh blueberry and zesty lemon are complemented by subtle hints of vanilla and exotic mango, attributable to the terpene Myrcene that this strain is graced with.

    This enticing mix of flavors will leave you longing for more, making every smoking experience an adventure of its own.
    But Blue Dream isn't just about a beautiful smell and taste.

    The strain boasts a THC level of around 21%, producing a high that is as intense as it is long-lasting. The initial cerebral hit, a tribute to its Sativa-dominant genetics, uplifts the mind to a state of blissful euphoria.

    As the effects begin to mellow down, the soothing tranquility of its Indica lineage creeps in, blanketing you in full-body relaxation without causing any hint of tiredness or anxiety.

    The experience of Blue Dream is more than a simple cannabis high - it's a sophisticated dance of sensations, a symphony of flavors, and a soothing relief from pain, stress, and insomnia.

    This strain truly is a dream wrapped in a deep blue aura of tranquility, carrying you gently into the realm of relaxation. With Blue Dream, every day is a sunny Californian day, and every smoke is a sweet escape from reality.

    2. Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel, hailing from the sunny west coast of California, is an exceptional hybrid strain known for its unique and invigorating properties.

    Growing Sour Diesel in Virginia Outdoors

    Sour Diesel shines as an incredible cannabis strain that you can grow outdoors in Virginia. Renowned for its resilience and adaptability, this strain thrives in dry, warm climates, much like Virginia's summer.

    Its substantial size makes it ideal for outdoor cultivation, with the plant reaching heights up to 300 cm. Cultivators should note its susceptibility to mildew; hence, maintaining a clean and sterile environment is essential.

    Given the right conditions, you could reap a generous yield of up to 600 grams per plant by early October.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Sour Diesel possesses a fascinating blend of aromas and flavors that leaves a memorable impression on the senses. Its name indicates its diesel-fuel-like aroma, intense yet oddly pleasing.

    This unique scent is beautifully balanced by a softer, earthy undertone infused with a citrusy twist. The taste doesn't disappoint either, with a delightful mix of pungent diesel and lemony herbal nuances.

    The effects of Sour Diesel are nothing short of invigorating. This sativa-dominant strain is popular among recreational users for its potent cerebral high and uplifting effects.

    Users often report a clear sense of euphoria, boosted energy levels, and a spur of creativity that makes Sour Diesel a daytime favorite. It also promotes sociability, transforming even the shyest of users into engaging conversationalists.

    On the medicinal side, Sour Diesel is often used to alleviate symptoms of depression, stress, and pain. Despite its powerful effects, it seldom induces paranoia, making it a reliable choice for those prone to anxiety.

    Remember to stay hydrated as Sour Diesel, like many other strains, can cause dry eyes and mouth.

    In essence, Sour Diesel is a truly exceptional strain. From its robust growing attributes suitable for Virginia's climate to its captivating smell, taste, and effects, it's a worthy addition to any cultivator's garden and a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

    3. Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies, often shortened to GSC, is a titan in the cannabis world, stemming from an enticing mix of Durban Poison and OG Kush. This strain has captured hearts and minds with its distinct flavor profile, impressive potency, and myriad medicinal benefits.

    Growing Girl Scout Cookies in Virginia Outdoors

    Even though Girl Scout Cookies strain is incredibly adaptable to various climates and growing conditions, it excels in the temperate climate of Virginia. It can withstand mild fluctuations in night-time temperatures and still produce an excellent yield.

    Not only does it offer a harvest that is nothing short of generous, but it also develops a stunning appearance with deep dark blue colors and, occasionally, purple leaves towards the end of the flowering period.

    Add the fact that it's highly resistant to common pests and molds, and you'll realize why it's a favorite among growers.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Girl Scout Cookies strain is not just about impressive growth; it's a sensory treat that never disappoints. It takes your olfactory senses on a joy ride with an aroma reminiscent of a batch of freshly baked cookies. But it doesn't stop there.

    The flavor is a delightful blend of sweetness and spice, beautifully underscored by mint and earthy undertones. Its smooth, velvety smoke makes the experience a truly memorable one.

    As for its effects, Girl Scout Cookies strain is known for a balanced high that satisfies both body and mind. Initially, you might feel a slight tingling sensation, a precursor to the powerful wave of relaxation and euphoria that's about to wash over you.

    This strain can get you into a cheerful, creative mood while offering soothing physical relaxation. For those battling chronic pain, the therapeutic benefits of this strain can be life-changing.

    However, do be ready to experience the munchies, a common side effect that can be easily remedied by having your favorite snacks at the ready.

    In a world filled with countless cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies stands tall, living up to its reputation with every toke. Its striking balance of effects, remarkable flavors, and easy-growing nature make it a star in the cannabis universe.

    4. Green Crack

    Green Crack, a legendary strain originally named by the iconic Snoop Dogg, is a remarkable blend of Afghan and Skunk #1, renowned for its potent Sativa effects and extraordinary growth properties.

    Growing Green Crack in Virginia Outdoors

    Virginia's climate, characterized by its long, hot, and humid summers, makes it a suitable place to grow strains such as Green Crack. This strain is naturally resistant to common molds and mildew, which are common in Virginia's humid environment.

    Feminized Green Crack seeds are especially recommended for first-time growers due to their ease of growth.

    The plant flourishes exceptionally outdoors, reaching heights of up to 3.5 meters and yielding impressive amounts of 800 up to 1200 grams per plant.

    This strain will mature with a flowering time in September, and it's essential to note that Green Crack's THC content is strikingly high at 25%, promising a potent harvest.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Green Crack stands out with its intoxicatingly sweet and fruity aroma, making it a delight for the senses. Upon tasting, you will notice a complex blend of earthy notes, underscored with hints of citrus, tropical fruit, exotic wood, and frankincense, making each puff a unique experience.

    In terms of effect, Green Crack is well known for delivering a vibrant and energizing cerebral high, keeping you uplifted and focused. This makes it an ideal choice for socializing and creative endeavors, and it's also beneficial for medicinal use, notably for pain and anxiety relief.

    Despite its potency, Green Crack is not associated with severe side effects. Users may experience a dry mouth, which is easily remedied with hydration, while instances of paranoia remain rare.

    In summary, Green Crack offers growers an easy-to-cultivate strain with an impressive yield, and its users a uniquely flavorful experience coupled with an energizing and uplifting high.

    This strain is not just another cannabis variant; it's an epitome of what a remarkable crossbreed can achieve.

    5. Northern Lights

    Emerging from the pioneering genetics of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, Northern Lights stands tall as a world-renowned classic in the cannabis industry, capturing hearts with its stunning visual appeal and rewarding effects.

    Growing Northern Lights in Virginia Outdoors

    Evidently, Northern Lights feminized is a rewarding strain to cultivate both indoors and outdoors, boasting versatility in different climatic conditions.

    Its hardy genetics makes it especially suited for outdoor cultivation in places with damp and colder climates such as Virginia. Despite the occasionally unpredictable Virginia weather, Northern Lights plants can thrive, attributing to their relatively small size and wide development.

    Northern Lights is a fast-growing variety, with a flowering time of just around 8 weeks. This quick turnaround makes it possible for growers to enjoy multiple harvests throughout the year.

    With ample internode spacing and a compact, bushy structure, these plants are easy to manage and prune. Northern Lights has an impressive yield too. For outdoor cultivation, one can expect a staggering 800 to 900 grams per plant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    After a successful cultivation and drying process, the rewards of Northern Lights become even more apparent. The strain emits a delightful honey-musk aroma, enriched with a hint of wild juniper and Afghani.

    As for the taste, it stays true to its fragrance, offering a honeyed, musky flavor with subtle undertones of Afghani spices. The strain delivers an all-encompassing Indica-dominant high, known for its potent physical effects.

    It possesses an uncanny ability to induce relaxation, calm, and a deep sedation that might even lead to a couch-lock scenario, depending on the consumed quantity and the individual's disposition. It's the perfect strain to unwind with after a hectic day, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a tranquil evening.

    While the most common side effects include dry eyes and a dry mouth, they are easily manageable by maintaining proper hydration.

    The blend of calming effects, stunning visual appeal, and delightful aroma make Northern Lights feminized a classic strain that no cannabis enthusiast should miss out on.

    6. OG Kush

    Renowned for its California roots, OG Kush is an enigma that continues to captivate the cannabis community with its tantalizing flavors, robust growth, and generous yield. It's a symbol of prestige, relished by connoisseurs and adored by growers with a knack for cultivating this exquisite strain.

    Growing OG Kush in Virginia Outdoors

    While OG Kush tends to thrive more in indoor settings, its cousin, the Auto-flowering OG Kush, is a perfect strain for outdoor cultivation in Virginia.

    It's resistant to common plant diseases, and its swift growth cycle fits well within Virginia's growing season, making it an excellent choice for the Virginian climate.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    OG Kush assaults the senses with an aroma that is an alluring mix of woody and earthy tones, intertwined with a spicy kick of fresh lemon and a hint of pine oil. It's an aromatic wonder that draws you in and leaves a lasting impression.

    As for its flavor, OG Kush doesn't disappoint. It retains an earthy taste underscored by pine, with an additional dash of wood that brings out its unique character.

    A touch of petroleum aroma is released upon exhalation, providing a distinct yet pleasing aftertaste.

    The effects of OG Kush are just as mesmerizing as its taste and aroma. Offering a high potency with THC levels up to 26%, OG Kush induces a relaxing high that combines the best of both Sativa and Indica.

    It invigorates the mind and fills you with a sense of euphoria, making it a perfect choice for those who wish to start their day with a positive outlook or unwind after a long day.

    However, this strain is not without its precautions; a dry mouth and dry eyes are common side effects, and excessive consumption can lead to feelings of paranoia or anxiety. So, it's best to enjoy OG Kush responsibly.

    7. Jack Herer

    One of the most acclaimed and revered strains in the world, Jack Herer, named after the infamous cannabis activist and author, emerged from the Netherlands in the mid-90s, blending Haze x Shiva Skunk x Northern Lights #5 genetics into a potent package celebrated for its robust medicinal qualities.

    Growing Jack Herer in Virginia Outdoors

    Despite Virginia's humid, sub-tropical climate, Jack Herer seeds can fare well if grown in a greenhouse, particularly due to their preference for warm, dry environments like those of the Mediterranean coast.

    This strain's resilience and high yield, coupled with its low-odor profile until post-harvest ripening, makes it an ideal choice for discreet outdoor cultivation in Virginia.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Jack Herer is a sensory delight for any cannabis enthusiast. Its aroma and taste profiles fuse classic Indica and Sativa elements, creating an exotic medley of sweet, citrusy notes with earthy, skunky undertones.

    Hints of sandalwood and pine forest further elevate the olfactory experience, adding layers of complexity to its fragrance.

    When it comes to the smoking experience, Jack Herer is a potent contender. Its smoke is dense, lingering on the palate with a weightiness that discourages immediate follow-up with any other substances.

    The effect strikes a harmonious balance between a body-centric stone and a cerebral high, making it a superb choice for sociable settings or a chill solo evening.

    The impact of Jack Herer is robust and dominant but doesn't tether you to the couch, leaving you free to go about your day with an elevated mood and a relaxed mindset.

    Despite its lower CBD content (0.8%), it's highly recommended for addressing stress, anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, migraines, and stimulating appetite.

    However, it's essential to stay hydrated while enjoying Jack Herer, as users often report sensations of dry mouth and eyes. Keep fluids at hand to tackle these minor inconveniences.

    A shining star in the cannabis world, Jack Herer combines the simplicity of cultivation, a flavorful smoking experience, and high therapeutic potential, glistening with sticky, resin-rich branches indicative of its high THC content.

    The strain's reputation for delivering an excellent yield under appropriate conditions further solidifies its status as a sought-after favorite among growers and users alike.

    8. Pineapple Express

    The Pineapple Express strain, a captivating fusion of Trainwreck and Hawaiian origins, serves up a tantalizing tropical experience for both growers and users alike.

    Growing Pineapple Express in Virginia Outdoors

     While Pineapple Express can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, Virginia's climate might just make it the perfect strain for your outdoor garden.

    Known for its adaptability, it thrives especially well in temperate climates like Virginia's, from spring through fall.

    Even with minimal space, Pineapple Express flourishes, doubling in height once flowering begins. Its rapid growth and short flowering time are added bonuses.

    Just remember to provide balanced fertilization and good ventilation, especially during the flowering phase when the buds become thicker and more fragrant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

     Arguably, one of Pineapple Express' most charming attributes is its olfactory allure. This strain teases the senses with its tropical and floral aroma that might transport you to a sunny beach with every whiff.

    The undeniable pineapple scent, hence its name, is accompanied by subtle notes of mango and cedar, providing a diverse bouquet for the discerning cannabis enthusiast.

    As for the taste, Pineapple Express does not disappoint. Its sweetness is the first thing you'll notice, followed by the signature pineapple flavor that effortlessly melds with hints of exotic fruits. The unique blend makes it hard to forget once you've had a taste.

    In terms of effects, Pineapple Express provides a powerful, long-lasting high that is balanced and physical. With an average of 20% THC and 0.3% CBD, users can expect a tranquil cerebral buzz that might feel like a peaceful getaway to a tropical island.

    The high sets in quickly, offering an uplifting, slightly euphoric sensation, while simultaneously relaxing the body. Pain and anxiety reduction are added benefits, and it's also used to alleviate chronic migraines.

    However, due to its stimulating effects on the brain, it's best not to use it just before bedtime.

    Through years of careful cultivation and improvement, Pineapple Express has become a robust hybrid that offers both a rewarding growing experience and an unparalleled sensory delight.

    If you're in Virginia and looking for a strain to grow outdoors or you simply want to enjoy a taste of the tropics, Pineapple Express should be on your list.

    9. Super Silver Haze

    Super Silver Haze is a famed Sativa-dominant strain, drawing impressive genetics from Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights.

    An Amsterdam coffee shop secret of the '90s, it has now soared to mainstream popularity, particularly in the US and UK, thanks to its exquisite cerebral high and long-lasting effects.

    Growing Super Silver Haze in Virginia Outdoors

    While Super Silver Haze can be a great choice for those with some growing experience, it requires particular weather conditions to flourish outdoors. In Virginia, where early or wet autumns might occur, indoor or greenhouse cultivation might be a better option for this strain.

    If you're keen on outdoor cultivation, consider strains known for their resilience to varying climate conditions, like Afghani or Blue Dream.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Super Silver Haze is a sensory treat. The aroma is a sweet blend of earthiness with a hint of skunk, hinting at the pleasures to come. Upon consumption, your taste buds are met with an uplifting mix of lemon, sandalwood, and spice, making every puff a pleasant experience.

    The effects of Super Silver Haze are just as enticing. The smoke delivers an instant high, sparking contemplation and creativity without inhibiting daily tasks.

    A potent mood booster, it can help manage exhaustion, depression, stress, and anxiety, making it a favorite for both recreational and medicinal users.

    Notably, negative side effects are minimal. Most users report only mild dryness of the eyes and mouth, with occasional reports of mild paranoia and anxiety when consumed in large doses.

    The journey of Super Silver Haze is one of meticulous hybridization. After an initial crossing of seeds from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and southern India, the strain arrived in Holland in the '70s.

    The further crossing of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights birthed this Haze classic that quickly became a hit among connoisseurs, even clinching the High Times Cannabis Cup three years consecutively in the late '90s.

    In conclusion, whether you're drawn to its impressive lineage, the cerebral high, the therapeutic benefits, or the delightful sensory experience, Super Silver Haze offers a holistic cannabis experience that continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

    10. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze, the sativa-dominant marvel with a blend of Haze and Purple Thai genetics, draws its name from the famous Jimi Hendrix song and has left an indelible mark in the cannabis industry since Woodstock's days.

    Heralded for its sweet exotic flavors, high THC content (up to 20%), and mood-enhancing abilities, Purple Haze gives smokers a feeling of kissing the sky. This strain also bears the reputation of being easy to cultivate, thus an excellent choice for both novice and experienced growers.

    Growing Purple Haze in Virginia Outdoors

    Purple Haze truly shines when grown outdoors, making it one of the best strains for cultivation in Virginia's climate. Its high mold resistance, ability to endure beginner mistakes, and capacity to flourish even in cooler conditions, make it an appealing option.

    These feminized seeds should be planted in late May or early June for an abundant harvest by October. Despite its exotic roots, this cannabis strain grows well in the northern continents, like Virginia.

    However, a warmer and sunnier Mediterranean climate can lead to slightly higher yields. Outdoor growers can anticipate a tall plant (125 cm to 225 cm) with potential yields of 600 to 700 grams per plant.

    Smell, Taste, and Effect

    Purple Haze is an olfactory delight, blending fragrant notes of nut and fruit, reminiscent of freshly picked blueberries intertwined with earthy undertones. This aromatic profile is sure to set the mood before the first puff.

    The flavor carries the same complexity, an enticing mix of sweet and earthy spicy notes that linger in the palate. Despite its robust taste, the smoke is gentle on the throat, preventing any bouts of uncomfortable coughing.

    But Purple Haze is not just about its exquisite scent and flavor; its effects are equally notable. This strain is a potent mood booster, known for its mind-expanding qualities and a colorful psychedelic high that's bound to boost creativity and energy levels.

    With its high Sativa content (70% Sativa and 30% Indica), Purple Haze primarily affects the mind, sparking an energy boost rather than a need to hit the couch.

    This strain is ideal for those who occasionally feel 'down' or are under stress, creating a cheerful, even euphoric effect despite its relatively low CBD level of 0.3%.

    However, it's worth noting that high doses may cause mild anxiety or paranoia, and its energizing effects may hinder sleep. Hence, it's best to avoid Purple Haze just before bedtime.

    In summary, Purple Haze stands as an exceptional strain with its vibrant aroma, exotic taste, uplifting effects, and ease of cultivation. It's a strain that's sure to add some color and excitement to your cannabis cultivation and consumption journey.