10 Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In North Carolina

10 Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In North Carolina

North Carolina has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters.

This provides a reasonably long growing season that is workable for a wide range of cannabis strains.

In this article, we look at some of the best strains to grow outdoors in "The Tar Heal" State.

1. Wedding Cake


The humidity and warm temps from late September through October are ideal for this indica-heavy strain.

With some TLC from the farmers, Wedding Cake thrives in NC, stretching up to 6 feet tall and producing fat, chunky buds.

An average plant can yield over a pound of dank nuggets! Since the seeds are feminized, there's no need to watch for males pollinating the ladies.

The best part is Wedding Cake's natural resistance to mold, mildew, bugs, and other issues with the territory in this region.

2. Gorilla Glue #4


Gorilla Glue flowers fast, finishing up in 8-9 weeks. That means even folks growing on their patio or balcony can chop down a fat harvest before summer's over.

The moderate temps in NC allow Gorilla Glue to thrive indoors and outdoors. Using a SCROG setup can maximize your yield. Indoor yields can reach 600g/m2, while outdoor plants typically produce up to 750g each!

3. Girl Scout Cookies


This versatile strain thrives indoors and outdoors in NC's climate.

Girl Scout Cookies grow long, winding branches quickly, turning beautiful hues of deep blue or purple by the end of flowering. Outdoor plants can produce over half a pound each with plenty of sunshine, water, and nutrients!

The yield is impressive, and GSC's dense, resinous buds pack a super potent punch. The combination of quantity and quality makes this a top choice for NC gardens.

4. Blue Dream


This resilient beauty can stretch over 6 feet tall outdoors in the NC sunshine. Inside, expect her to reach 4-6 feet, depending on pot size.

The long, warm summers in NC give Blue Dream optimal conditions to thrive. Outdoor plants can yield over 1.5 pounds each! Even indoor gardens can expect up to 650g per square meter.

Blue Dream's ability to adapt means NC growers can count on her no matter the conditions. Her towering size and massive yields make her a top regional choice.

With proper care and feeding, you'll dream about the giant, crystal-coated colas dangling from your Blue Dream plants come harvest time.

5. Green Crack


Green Crack is suitable at home in the southeastern US. It thrives in the ample sunshine and humidity, stretching up to 10 feet tall in the right hands!

This resilient beauty can handle the occasional heavy rains and humidity in NC.

Its natural mold resistance gives growers one less thing to stress over. On top of that, Green Crack's flowering time lines up flawlessly with NC's climate, finishing up by September.

6. Jack Herer


This sativa-dominant strain loves hot and dry climates similar to the Mediterranean.

Although Jack doesn't reek until after harvest, it can grow taller than LeBron James! Discreet outdoor setups like greenhouses might be intelligent to avoid unwanted attention.

Its natural resilience also makes Jack Herer an excellent choice for newbie growers in NC. Just be sure to feed Jack a healthy diet, which will reward you with bountiful yields.

Indoor gardens can expect up to 600g per m2, while outdoor plants produce up to 700g each!

7. Sour Diesel

This strain loves hot, dry weather with low humidity - just like NC summers!

With proper care, Sour Diesel can reach 10 feet tall! But heads up to beginners - keep the grow space clean because she's prone to mildew. The excellent news is Sour D is a pretty forgiving plant and can thrive indoors or out.

She's got great potential for massive yields in NC! Her quick flowering time of over 10 weeks is perfect for growers looking for a speedy harvest.

You can use training techniques like SCROG to maximize your space since she responds well to pruning.

8. Pineapple Express


The moderate temps and fertile soil of North Carolina provide the perfect conditions for this tropical gal. With average temps of 70°F during prime growing season, Pineapple Express will feel right at home.

She adapts well to small spaces, and the feminized seeds produce fast-growing, bushy plants that explode in size once flowering hits.

Be sure to give her proper nutrients and ventilation - those thick colas can get pretty stinky! Quality fertilizers will amplify the fruity flavors.

Whether you're growing indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, Pineapple Express finishes flowering crazy fast - just 55 days! Then it's time to reap the rewards, with yields up to 550g/m2 inside and a whopping 800g per plant outside!

9. Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto


Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto is built for NC's hot, humid summers. This auto-flower's natural resistance to mold is clutch for dealing with the humidity late in the season.

As an auto-strain, it adapts perfectly to NC's relatively short growing seasons. You can harvest fat, ripe buds in just 11-13 weeks!

Outdoors, expect up to 100g per plant. But indoor yields shine, with up to 600g per m2 possible. SCROG or SOG setups can maximize your space and yields since these plants stay compact.

10. Chemdawg


This hardy sativa-leaning strain can handle just about anything NC weather throws its way.

Chemdawg's natural resilience makes it highly resistant to common bugs, mold, and mildew - huge perks in the hot, humid conditions that can attract those issues.

Feminized seeds thrive indoors or in greenhouses where you can control the environment. This keeps problems like mold at bay. But even outdoors, attentive growers can avoid major pitfalls.

Whether you grow Chemdawg inside or out, get ready for massive yields of huge nugs. Indoor gardens can yield up to 500g per m2 after 9 weeks of flowering. Meanwhile, outdoor plants produce up to 600g each in the right conditions!