10 Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In Minnesota 🇺🇸 (2023 Update)

10 Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In Minnesota 🇺🇸 (2023 Update)

Minnesota's hot, humid summers and extremely cold winters make it challenging but possible to grow quality cannabis outdoors if the right strains are selected.

In this article, we'll look at the challenges of growing outdoors in Minnesota, as well as the best strains for the environment.

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1. Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush can handle the state's cold winters and humid summers like a champ.

Her mold-resistant superpowers are perfect for dealing with Minnesota's damp vibes. And her Indica genetics means she'll stay short and bushy, saving growers time on pruning.

Just keep an eye out for spider mites, and keep humidity low when she's flowering to max out that dank yield.

Blackberry Kush rocks it both indoors and out. With some TLC from Minnesota growers, she'll reward them with frosty, purple-hued nugs all season long.

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2. Banana Kush

Don't let Minnesota's non-Cali climate fool ya - Banana Kush can crush an indoor setup here. She's a real champ with hydroponics, perfect for the state's chillier months.

Just keep the humidity low to avoid powdery mildew harshing her mellow. And stay on top of pruning and maintenance to keep her yield lit.

Even rookie gardeners can expect primo results from Banana Kush indoors. Just feed this hungry girl well - she craves nutrients.

With some regular TLC, Banana Kush will reward Minnesota growers with that sweet tropical aroma and banana vibes, even in the dead of winter.

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3. Hindu Kush


This OG Kush relative has her roots in the harsh mountains, so she can roll with the punches of Minnesota's humid summers and snowy winters.

Hindu Kush keeps it simple for growers of all levels. She'll thrive indoors or out in organic soil with minimal fuss.

Her compact size and hardy nature let her crush it indoors during Minnesota's wild winters. That means you can run SOG, ScrOG, any training method you want to stack yields.

Our Autoflower Hindu Kush offers a shorter, sneakier grow than the photoperiod alternative.

4. Cheese

This legendary strain can hang with Minnesota's unpredictable weather thanks to her high resistance to mold - perfect for those humid late summer rains. Cheese kills it both indoors and outdoors here. She's super versatile for Minnesota cultivators.

Indoors, be ready for her loud, cheesy aroma when those buds start flowering - a good carbon filter is a must! Outdoors, let her get as tall and bushy as she wants, and prune strategically for better light exposure and yield.

While she can grow massive outside, Cheese stays compact enough for indoor spaces, too.

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5. Bubblegum


Bubblegum thrives in Minnesota's moderate climate, crushing it both indoors and out. Your outdoor plants will love the relatively dry summers and early falls here.

Flowering takes around 8-9 weeks, aligning perfectly with Minnesota's growing season. Indoor growing is a breeze, too. Bubblegum stays short, between 2-4 feet tall, resisting mold like a champ. Perfect for tight indoor spaces.

Her compact size also makes Bubblegum ideal for SOG SCROG setups when you want to maximize yield in a small area. One heads up, though - this girl gets loud when flowering, filling the room with a sweet candy aroma. Plan your ventilation accordingly!

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6. Skywalker OG


This mold-resistant strain adapts well to the humidity in this region. She'll thrive during Minnesota's humid summers when grown outside.

But for maximum yields, indoor growing is advised. Minnesota's short outdoor growing season won't let Skywalker OG fully stretch her legs.

Indoors, her forgiving nature lets you get creative. Feel free to experiment with super-cropping, topping, LST, SCROG, and SOG - Skywalker OG responds well.

Just make sure to give those big, dense nugs ample room indoors. They might need some extra support, too, when fattening up.

Skywalker OG is resilient enough to handle anything Minnesota's diverse seasons throw at her. With the right indoor setup, she'll reward local growers with massive yields of kushy, piney, and earthy buds.

If yield time and discretion matter, go with our Skywalker OG Autoflower rather than the photoperiod version.

7. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze thrives outdoors here thanks to Minnesota's warm, dry summers. Pop her in the ground or some big pots and let her shoot upwards of 6-8 feet tall.

Just watch for sudden late-season rains, which could bring mold issues. Ain't nobody got time for bud rot!

She adapts well to soil, hydro, coco - whatever medium you use. Just stay on top of pruning and ventilation to manage her height and avoid pests.

Indoors, the big colas may need support when flowering for 9 weeks. But experienced indoor growers can pull over 600g/meter squared with Amnesia Haze!

Take her outside in Minnesota's ideal climate, and you're looking at 800g per plant, easy. That's some epic sativa yield potential right here in the bold north!

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8. Bubba Kush


Bubba finishes flowering crazy fast, in just 8-9 weeks. Perfect for Minnesota's climate. Her hardy nature can handle whatever wacky weather Minnesota throws at her, too. Rain or shine, Bubba Kush, don't mind!

She crushes it indoors or out. Take Bubba outside, and she'll reward you with stunning hints of purple come fall. At just 120-180cm outdoors, Bubba stays short and manageable, even for beginner growers.

Indoors, she only hits 70-120cm tall, easily adapted to any tight grow space. Either way, you grow her, Bubba Kush delivers the yields! We're talking 500-600g/m2 indoors or up to 800g per plant outside.

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9. Blueberry CBD

This hardy lady thrives in Minnesota thanks to your temperate climate. The cool temps don't faze her! Blueberry CBD stays nice and compact, standing around 140cm indoors. Perfect for getting through those harsh Minnesota winters.

Take her outside in the summer, and she'll reach up to 160cm tall. Not too shabby for the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

She flowers in 60-65 days, developing those sweet purple buds tinged with blue. While late frosts can be a concern, Blueberry CBD can handle a little cold if needed. 

10. Strawberry Kush


Strawberry Kush prefers low humidity, which Minnesota's humid summers ain't ideal for. That's why indoor growing is the way to go. You can control temps and humidity perfectly to keep your Strawberry Kush happy.

Greenhouses can work, too if conditions are dialed in. This compact strain adapts well to smaller indoor spaces. And she responds beautifully to training methods like SOG and ScrOG for maximizing your yield potential.

Even if you take her outside, Strawberry Kush's hardy genetics means she can still churn out a decent harvest in Minnesota.

Need More Minnesota-Friendly Strains?

We hope you found the perfect strain for your Minnesota grow.

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Happy growing!