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2023 Guide on Seed Banks That Ship to USA

Looking for a reliable seed bank that ships to USA? Check this blog and buy via Weedseedsexpress! GET FREE SEEDS + BEST SERVICE! + FASTEST SHIPPING! Last updated 26/01/2023 4 min read

    At the moment, the United States is perhaps the most progressive country when it comes to growing and using marijuana. This is clearly visible in recent times. Currently, the legalization of both recreational and medicinal cannabis in the US is spreading more and more across the states. This ensures a rise of interest in growing cannabis plants.

    However and how confusing it may sound, smoking and growing marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Therefore it’s challenging for most fanciers to grow marijuana plants at home.

    Although it’s possible to buy seeds in some states, this doesn’t apply to all states. Yet, the quality of the seeds in the US isn't always that good which is a direct result of the legality of cannabis and the war on drugs. Many interested parties therefore look for a seed bank that ships to the USA. Mostly seed banks from Europe. 

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    Why do growers prefer a seed banks that ship to the US?

    In the US, there are currently no sales points to find where you can buy high-quality cannabis seeds. Not even in states where marijuana is legal. Because most customers don’t want to buy their cannabis seeds via the black market, most American growers for a seed bank from Europe that sends to the US. In addition, a number of seed banks, just Weedseedsexpress, offer high quality seeds combined with guarantees to make sure your shipment get's delivered.

    Points of attention when shipping cannabis seeds to the USA

    Although most shipments will pass customs, there is always a chance that a shipment will be stopped by customs. If that happens unexpectedly, you don’t have to be afraid that you will go to jail. The worst thing that can happen is that the seeds are confiscated and you get a letter from customs in which they indicate that the package has been intercepted.

    Fortunately, renowned seeds banks have a lot of experience in sending seeds to the USA. Besides, the discreet packaging will increase the chance that the seeds will arrive neatly. If you choose a seed bank such as Weedseedsexpress, you also have the right of a free re-shipment in case this happens.

    How to choose a top seed bank that ships to the US?

    Although there are now several seed banks that ship to the USA, choosing a seed bank without doing research isn’t recommended. To make the right choice and to avoid problems, there are a number of things you should pay attention to:

    • Reviews and customer experiences
    • Customer service
    • Delivery time and shipping method
    • Discreet shipping
    • Payment options
    • Genetics
    Reviews and customer experiences (reputation)

    The reputation of a seed bank is perhaps the most important factor. Not only for you as a consumer but also for the seed bank itself. Seed banks with a great reputation haven’t just received that reputation. They worked hard for it and want to keep it. The reputation is for example formed by messages on forums and websites where customers can write a review.

    Most seed banks also show customer reviews of the products and services. In that way you are better able to understand what to expect and quickly see whether a product and service from a seed bank match your expectations.

    Customer service

    As you might understand, winning customers' trust isn’t easy at all. Being in the business for a long time and building a good reputation is of course one thing, but high quality products and professional customer service are probably the most important.

    For example, Weedseedsexpress offers the highest quality standards when it comes to customer service. As a customer you want quick answers and at Weedseedsexpress you get that. We are available on business days and weekends between 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC +1). Emails are answered within a maximum of 12 hours. 

    Delivery time and shipping method

    Another important factor is the delivery time. Shipments from Europe take about 5- 15 business days to reach the destination in the USA. Track and Trace orders take an average 5 - 18 business days. This applies to all seed banks.

    However, where most seed banks will send your order the day after receiving the payment, Weedseedsexpress currently offers a free accelerated delivery and paid orders are already shipped within 8 hours. As a result, our delivery time is generally 2 - 3 business days faster.

    Discreet shipping

    The discreet shipment actually speaks for itself and provides a reduced chance of stopping the seeds by customs. Every reputable seed bank offers this as a standard and will not charge extra for this.

    Weedseedsexpress sends seeds to customers in the USA. For this we use discreet envelopes and a sturdy package so that the chance of damaged seeds is minimal.

    Payment options

    Paying must be simple and accessible. For example, customers from the USA like to pay with credit or debit cards such as (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). However, for your discretion it must be possible to pay completely anonymously as well. Think of a cash payment by mail or cryptocurrencies.

    In addition, the payment platform must be secure. Therefore always check in your browser whether you see the SSL key and whether the seed bank of 3D makes secure use. This way you prevent your credit card data from being stolen.


    Not unimportantly, the seed bank must offer the genetics you are looking for. Think of Indica, Sativa, autoflower, regular or feminized species.

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