6 Best Places To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Denver (2024 Update)

6 Best Places To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Denver (2024 Update)

Key Takeaways (TL;DR)

  1. It is legal to buy, grow, and own cannabis seeds in Denver for adults aged 21+. 
  2. Colorado Amendment 64, passed in 2012, legalizes recreational marijuana use and possession for adults aged 21 and up. This amendment lets them to carry up to an ounce of weed in public.
  3. Amendment 64 also allows adults 21+ to grow up to six cannabis plants in their home
  4. Denver residents can legally buy seeds from the city's many licensed cannabis retailers and dispensaries. There are also reputable online seed banks that ship directly to Denver addresses from the USA.
  5. Strains like Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner, and Sour Diesel are recommended for growing in Denver due to their hardiness, quick flowering times, and ability to thrive in the city's unpredictable climate and arid conditions.

So, is it actually legal to buy cannabis seeds in Denver?

Yes! Thanks to Colorado's progressive marijuana laws, buying cannabis seeds is completely legal in Denver. 

In 2012, state voters passed Amendment 64. This legalized recreational marijuana use and possession for anyone over 21 years of age. This meant you could carry an ounce of weed in public as long as you were 21 or older.

Amendment 64 also gave the green light for adults to grow their own weed at home. Residents could grow up to 6 cannabis plants at a time, provided they followed these guidelines:

  • a maximum of 3 flowering plants at any given time
  • a total limit of 6 cannabis plants on the property
  • the plants have to be grown in an enclosed space that can be locked

Where can you buy cannabis seeds in Denver?

In Denver, you can buy cannabis seeds from either local dispensaries or online seed shops.

1. Local Cannabis Dispensaries in Denver

You can purchase seeds directly from licensed cannabis dispensaries and recreational shops around the city. Many of these businesses carry a selection of seed packets or individual seeds. Some dispensaries have even been known to offer free seeds as promotional items when you make other purchases. However, the seed selection at local shops tends to be more limited compared to online seed banks.

Here are some Denver-area dispensaries where you may be able to buy seeds, though it's a good idea to call ahead and confirm availability:

2. Online Seed Banks That Service Denver

The best option for most Denver residents is to buy cannabis seeds from an online seed bank based in the USA.

At WeedSeedsExpress, we ship all our seeds to Colorado from right here inside the United States, ensuring short shipping times and no concerns about customs issues.

We offer a vast selection of strains that come with a 100% Germination Guarantee. If your seeds don't sprout, we'll reship them.

Check out the hundreds of positive reviews from our many satisfied Denver-area customers.

Which Cannabis strains do well in Denver?

The unpredictable climate and arid conditions of Denver can make it tough to grow cannabis. Sure, the high elevation provides intense UV light that boosts THC. But this means the plants need extra irrigation.

For the best chances outdoors, start seedlings indoors in early March and use containers that can be easily moved inside during storms. Hardy indica strains that flower quickly thrive best with Denver's early autumn. Indoors, any variety can be grown in a controlled environment while staying within legal limits.

Here are 3 strains we recommend growing in Denver.

1. Strawberry Diesel

Strawberry Diesel offers a balanced blend that melts away tension while giving an energized, clear-headed buzz. Ideal for either daytime or nighttime use, it's particularly effective if you need to stay awake.

Just know that its potency kicks in pretty swiftly, so beginners might want to approach it with caution. Otherwise, Strawberry Diesel is a fantastic go-to strain for productivity with tranquility. If you're struggling with insomnia and a lack of productivity, this might be the kind of weed you need.

2. Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner might have been a lot less angry if he had access to the strain named after him.

This formidable variant boasts thick, potent buds teeming with elevated THC content. It hits pretty intensely before mellowing into a state of blissful creativity. And true to its namesake, it packs a punch that would give the Hulk a run for his money.

3. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, affectionately known as Sour D, energizes with its sharp, diesel-scented bouquet. This sativa-dominant strain swiftly uplifts, offering dreamy yet alert cerebral effects that have cemented its iconic status. It's especially beneficial for those struggling with stress, pain, or melancholy. It provides the kind of long-lasting relief that's made it a favored option among cannabis users.