California Seed Bank Guide - 2023 UPDATE

California Seed Bank Guide - 2023 UPDATE

Since legalization, many seed banks in California have opened. Wondering which seed bank is best to use? Check out this California Seed Bank Guide 2023. Last updated 27/04/2023 7 min read

    Originally, seed banks were developed to preserve individual strains over time and to distribute seeds to growers. Think of seed banks like a library or archive for plant material.

    The role of seed banks has not changed, but these have been a boom in the rise of California seed banks since the state has legalized home growing and medical and recreational cannabis consumption. 

    The rise of seed banks in California

    This system has been implemented in the state has a lot to do with the history of growing medical marijuana in both Southern California and Northern California.

    Cannabis, on the other hand, had a long tradition of making headlines in California long before the state legitimized the industry. Cannabis has long been a complicated issue for Californians, from the first cultivation at Spanish missions for agricultural purposes, to groundbreaking efforts at criminalization and decriminalization, to modern-day licensing challenges and business opportunities.

    Traditionally, Europeans created seed banks to store large quantities of seeds to ensure the preservation of crops. With all of this backlog of information and with the complex laws surrounding growing, you'll want to make sure you're doing things by the book.

    You'll want to source your seeds from a bank that values the art of preservation. Remember, the seeds are your product and will, in the end, affect your yield and the quality of your cannabis.

    Thinking about buying seeds online in the USA? Check out our collection of top-shelf US cannabis seeds. All our seeds ship from inside the United States so no need to wait weeks for your seeds or worry about customs stopping your package.

    California Seed Bank Guide 2023

    Navigating the world of seed banks can be tricky. With so many competitors in such a small market, it can be hard to know exactly what you are getting. So, should you buy from overseas seed banks or stick to the domestic market?

    The purpose of this guide is to help you spend your money on a product you can stand behind. Your journey will start to grow from the ground up, just like your crop--starting with buying cannabis seeds.

    It's all about trust and doing research

    It is important to trust the seeds you are buying--so you can make sure they are effective. Doing your research is important for the health of your harvest, and you have carefully planned what you will be growing.

    You will have to rely on your seed source to provide accurate information about your buying.

    When purchasing from a reliable seed bank, you will (and should) expect the same strains to differ, in the least. However, they should still produce equal outcomes for your crop yield. Of course, there will be certain variations, but the product will be the one you paid for in general.

    Think of seeds as a sound (and large) investment for your personal joy.

    This investment will be one of the most costly you will make for your business. You'll want to be careful about the products you are selecting. You'll want to make sure of their quality.

    Buying (Online) Overseas or From A California-Based Seed Bank?

    Some growers prefer a California-based seed bank, while others prefer an overseas seed bank. Which seed bank is the best?

    A domestic seed bank can mean a lot for your grow. There are many cannabis seed banks available online, but you must find a legal organization that can sell to you if you operate in California. Federal law prohibits the purchasing of cannabis seeds from cultivating the crop, and weed seeds are often not allowed to be sent across state lines.

    The difference can be more complicated than you think. Generally speaking, there are two different types of seed banks available in the California.

    Seed banks who check their products and do things by the book--and those who don't. The more reputable a source you choose, the more legitimate your grow becomes.

    Advantages of Buying from a Cannabis Seed Bank in California

    When you buy seeds domestically, you will experience ease in your transaction and speedy delivery. Purchasing your growing supplies in your own state prevents customs from barring or confiscating your shipment.

    Aside from an inconvenience, this is also not technically legal. It is, however, within the law to buy marijuana seeds from a distributor or manufacturer in your state.

    Weedseedsexpress offers a large inventory of products for you to choose from. This includes a wide range of CBD seeds, Feminized, and autoflower seeds. Since the business is based out of California, this gives residents the affordability and ease they are looking for when scouring the market for seeds.

    When you buy your seeds from the state you live in, there is no worry about time zones, quick responses to your questions.

    Points of Interest When Choosing Between Seed Banks in California

    Choosing between seed banks can seem overwhelming at first. There are many laws and regulations and a huge number of options when selecting seeds. It is best to do your research and look into forums or expert growing guides before you begin your crop. Here are your points of interest.

    1. Quality and assortment
    2. Buying online from within the state of California
    3. Quality of service
    4. Guarantees
    5. Options to pay

    1. Quality of genetics and range of seeds

    You will want to make sure you have the best seeds available to you, and grow diaries and forums can be a great place to begin planning your harvest. Mapping out your crop and plotting the variety you are growing is beneficial to your entire operation.

    Along with a physical plot map, you will want to heavily consider the varieties of seeds you are planning on buying. Different varieties like autoflowering weed seeds and feminized seeds require different growing conditions.

    2. Buying (online) from within the state of California

    As a California resident, it is only allowed to buy from seed banks in your state. There has been recent legislation banning seed shipments to other states.

    The range of seeds from a seed bank is unmatched. Customers can choose from strains that are specifically suitable for the Californian climate. Not all seed banks carry the strain you may be looking for, but you may be able to use a seed bank as a resource.

    If they do not have a specific seed, you are looking for; they may be able to point you in the right direction. Oftentimes, customers in search of a hard-to-find seed may have to look in several places.

    3. Quality of service

    Growers will check any website, including most websites that sell cannabis seeds online. However, it is effortless to get overwhelmed by all the marijuana seed banks and solutions open to you, a challenge that places like Trustpilot help to solve by providing input on other people's experiences purchasing weed seeds online. This is why the quality of service is so important.

    You will want to do your research. It can also be helpful to have a customer service team in your corner. They may know more about the market and its intricacies than you may even realize.

    4. Guarantees 

    Established seed banks offer guarantees to ensure their product will provide the type of growing operation you plan to invest in. A germination guarantee will ensure the seeds are active and will create reliable plants. A delivery guarantee will make sure you receive your order in a timely and well-packaged manner.

    5. Options to pay

    Payment options must also be met with the utmost security when purchasing to invest in your growing operation. Seed banks often have trouble offering solid payment methods due to the nature of the business. This can feel like you are contributing to a shady operation, which is not the case.

    The main problem of seed banks finding it hard to offer solid payment methods like credit card is a result of the federal law in the US. In fact, at the Federal level, cannabis seeds are not legal. VISA, Mastercard, PayPal and other payment providers follow Federal law which makes offering such payment methods very difficult for seed banks. Fortunately, there are seed banks in California that offer plenty of convenient payment methods, which is very important as some growers are investing by spending large amounts on a single purchase.

    You'll need to make sure you are sending your money to a business you can trust. Weedseedsexpress has a payment system based on transparency, so you can see exactly where you are spending.

    Weedseedsexpress, A Californian Seed Bank with Dutch roots

    Weedseedsexpress ensures the quality of the product you are getting by meticulously inspecting and recording all seeds they distribute.

    We have a domestic fulfillment, which means European quality seeds with the delivery speed of a seed bank based in California- so you can stay within your legal boundaries.

    We offer a guarantee that you will get what you paid for, your product is effective, and that it will arrive quickly. The service we offer is unparalleled, and our customer service experts are here to answer all of your questions and make sure you are getting the service and products you expect.

    Because we test all the seeds ourselves, we know exactly what the quality of the seeds is. In other words, at Weedseedsexpress, you buy cannabis seeds that germinate and grow in sturdy, healthy cannabis plants. Do you have a problem with germination? Then we provide replacement seeds.

    When ordering cannabis seeds at Weedseedsexpress, you pay for your order safely and conveniently. We offer all sorts of convenient payment options to make sure you will experience a great customer journey. Customers who prefer extra anonymity can choose for a cash or Bitcoin payment.

    Weedseedsexpress is a valuable source for the cannabis community in California, and our Dutch roots make our time-tested knowledge available to you. Get with the experts, and plan your cannabis cultivation.