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American Seed Bank Guide - 2023 UPDATE

Since legalization, many marijuana users are turning to growing their own crop. Here’s our guide to find the best USA seed bank for your next crop! Last updated 26/01/2023 6 min read

    Cannabis may have only recently begun to come into the realm of legal use in the United States, but the history of Marijuana culture is deep-rooted in countries around the world.

    Understanding of the genetics of the cannabis plant, its many strains (and cross strains) has come a long way recently as growers and breeders share their findings. Experiencing the smell, taste, and feel of various kinds of weed is an important part of cannabis growing culture. Seed bank catalogs represent generation after generation of the sacred art of growing marijuana.

    An American Seed Bank has the responsibility to honor that culture and give customers exactly what they promise – great seeds. High-quality seeds are sold in seed banks all across North America, but there is more to buying seeds than placing an order with the first online seed bank you find.

    Many new growers learn this the hard way by ordering seeds and getting less than they hoped for. Keep reading this guide to learn what makes the best American seed banks stand out from the rest.

    Seed Bank USA Guide for 2023

    Despite legalization in many states and the popular support of the American people, marijuana and any product containing THC is still a schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the federal government, right alongside heroin and methamphetamine.

    These apparent legal contradictions are potential problems for anyone entering into the cannabis business and might be why there is precious little information available online about seed banks in The United States of America. That is why this guide is so important. We hope to help bring legit American seed banks out of the shadows and help protect growers from the "less than honorable" ones.

    Europe vs US based Seed Banks

    Even as Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, almost all well-known, professional, and reliable seed banks have long been based outside of North America. Not that the US hasn't always had fine cannabis growers, they just got their seeds from Europe.

    Now that medical and recreational use is legal in many States, the United States is spawning seed banks as well.

    Ask any grower, anywhere in the world, where the best weed seeds come from, and they will most likely say the Netherlands, the UK or Spain. These countries in Europe have been supplying the world with the best cannabis seeds for decades.

    Many award-winning strains developed in Europe are the envy of medical and recreational users from every corner of the world. In order to get your hands on these coveted seeds, you almost had to order them from a European seed bank.

    Finding a North American seed bank to buy seeds is easier these days, as both Canada and the US are setting up legal markets. Yet, with the legal waters still muddy in the US, it is still hard to shop confidently when ordering seeds from American seed banks.

    There are a lot of scam sites out there looking to cash in on America's new marijuana craze. Even perfectly honest owners of legit seed banks face challenges when it comes to providing excellent service to their customers.

    That is the nature of the seed business in America – in a state of frustrating limbo. But fear not our American friends, there are many seed banks that are trustworthy and most importantly ship high-quality cannabis seeds to, and from within, the US.

    How to Choose Between USA Cannabis Seed Banks?

    Selecting a cannabis seed bank in the USA can quickly become overwhelming with dozens to choose from. It is easy to get lost among the photos of beautiful buds and distracted by fancy online marketing. To find the best seed banks, you need to do a little research and look for the tell-tale signs you are in good hands. These are your focal points:

    1. Quality of seeds
    2. Quality of service
    3. Guarantees
    4. Shipping
    5. Payment options
    6. Expertise

    1. Quality of Seeds

    Each and every seed bank claims to have great seeds, so how do you know which ones really do? Well... if you are or planning on growing weed, you likely regularly read articles about it. Trusted publications like "High Times" are excellent sources for finding information on growing from seed and sourcing high-quality seeds.

    Check out the many online communities and forums discussing the topic of where to buy the best cannabis seeds. There isn't a more trustworthy recommendation than one from an experienced grower.

    2. Quality of Service

    Do you ever wonder, with legalization, if the weed trade might lose its sense of community? Should you expect the same service from a seed bank as say a Walmart? We certainly hope not.

    Buying seeds from a seed bank should be a warm, friendly, and enjoyable experience. The quality of service you get from a seed bank mirrors the attitude and respect towards cannabis cultivation the seed bank has.

    Look up the seed bank online. If they have treated their customers right, or not, the online cannabis community is talking about it. Read reviews from popular sites like Reddit and Trustpilot to get the scoop straight from their customers.

    3. Guarantees

    Do you trust a business that doesn't guarantee its product or service? We don't and you shouldn't either.

    A seed bank that doesn't guarantee their seeds will germinate is like a car dealer not promising the car will run. Check their delivery guarantee and refund policy to make sure it is clear that if you have problems with their seeds they will replace or refund your order.

    4. Shipping 

    If you have ever waited for an international package to arrive, you know better to expect it quickly. Even if the seed bank fills the order immediately it could take weeks or even months to arrive at your door.

    When time is a factor, ordering seeds from within your own country will likely get you growing sooner.

    Another important question – does the seed bank respect your privacy and personal information? Even in a world where cannabis growing is 100% accepted, you don't want just anyone knowing your business. Look for a seed bank that ships discreetly and guarantees the shipment will arrive without incident.

    5. Payment Options

    Although US lawmakers are considering legislation that would change things, banks don't touch anything involving cannabis for fear the federal government might come crashing down on them. Without access to the US banking system, seed banks are limited in the methods they are able to accept payment. Yet, often there are plenty of payment options to choose

    6. Level of Growing Expertise

    There is a reason why we don't ask the grocery store clerk the details of how the steak we bought came to be for sale – she doesn't know. Is the seed bank just a glorified middle-man with nothing much else to offer?

    The best seed banks don't just sell seeds, they empower the movement with motivation and support. You can always tell if a company has actual experts running things by checking out their website or weed blog.

    A great way to test the waters is to email them. Ask for some advice or about the seeds you are thinking of trying. The response you get will tell you a lot about who you are dealing with.

    Is Weedseedsexpress the Best United States Seed Bank to Use in 2023?

    To say we are the best would just be arrogant and that isn't our style. Yet, we can confidently say we are one of the best seed banks to order from because we know the business and stand by our promises.

    Unlike many US-based seed banks, we source our seeds from the Netherlands to ensure the best quality possible. We have distribution in America, making it possible to order the best European seeds without the delays in shipping you get from overseas shipments.

    We are proud to say the quality of our service is extremely important to us. Furthermore, we treat each of our customers as if they are personal cannabis growing friends of ours. We know if we had the pleasure of meeting them – they would be.

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    American Seed Bank You Can Trust

    The cannabis legalization movement in America and around the world may seem to have come out of nowhere. The simple truth is – passion for growing the weed is nothing new and the strength and bond of the cannabis community has always been strong.

    Make sure the American seed bank you choose shares your values and takes your next grow as seriously as you do. Order some of our best-selling seeds today, sit back, and relax. You made the right choice.