Top 5 Best Strains To Grow in The State of New York - 2023 UPDATE

Top 5 Best Strains To Grow in The State of New York - 2023 UPDATE

New York State on the east coast of the United States is known for its very cold winters and hot summers. Its geographical position near the Atlantic Ocean also means that its climate is classed as 'humid continental' - high levels of humidity in the summer and rain or snow in the winter.

As we know, many strains of cannabis prefer warm, dry climates and temperatures that are stable. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to grow marijuana plants outside in New York State - you just have to select the right strain that will cope with the weather.

You need a high quality strain that will reach harvest quickly, has good resistance to mold and likes warm, muggy summers.

Top 5 - Best strains to grow in New York state

To make things easier for you; here are five best marijuana strains to grow in New York

1. Grape Ape


Grape Ape is an Indica-dominant variety with a lovely sweet flavor. Smoke it, and you will fall in love with the fruity flavors of grape, berry and candy.

Its effects are intensely soporific, making it ideal for treating patients suffering from chronic pain or insomnia, but its elements of Sativa genetics also provide a feeling of euphoria.

Grape Ape is a very mellow weed and its friendly nature also extends to its cultivation.

It grows well outside in damp northern climates, although you may want to invest in some kind of additional protection such as a greenhouse to control the levels of humidity as this is the main cause of issues such as bud rot.

Take care with the watering schedule too; don't forget to water but also ensure that the root systems of each plant have a chance to dry out before the next watering.

Follow these tips, and you could enjoy a brilliant Grape Ape harvest this summer!

2. Zkittlez


Zkittlez lives up to its name because this plant is extremely explosive in terms of color and flavor. It's an Indica dominant hybrid strain that many growers with a sweet tooth can't wait to get their hands on!

The Indica-dominant blend of Grape Ape and Grapefruit gives a whole new meaning to 'taste the flavors of the rainbow'.

The effect of Zkittlez is quite unusual for an Indica strain. She adds a nice high to the stoned feeling. This makes them a perfect strain to calm the body while keeping the head clear and active.

You can also see this effect in the growth pattern. It is a typical Indica, but a bit taller than average, growing quickly into a medium-sized plant with a large main bud and a few sturdy side branches. Flowering time is about 8 - 9 weeks.

Furthermore, this colorful powerhouse is ideal for people who want to harvest quickly, such as people living in New York State!

After seven weeks of growth, you can get ready to harvest, unless you want a little more THC in the buds in which case you should allow this variety to flower a little longer.

3. AK-47 autoflower


Auto AK-47 is, just like the classic, a healthy plant that can take a beating. The effect is strong thanks to a high THC percentage and just the right knockout terpenes. In other words, the buds have a generous layer of sticky crystals, and a sweet and fruity smell and taste.

Think of a fresh citrus flavor in combination with a spicy scent.

Medicinally, Auto AK-47 is a good cannabis strain for people who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or anyone who just wants to improve their mood.

Growing cannabis is great with the Auto AK-47. As a plant, the Auto AK-47 is easy to grow and even easier to grow compared to the photoperiod-sensitive AK-47.

The ruderalis influence ensures that the plants flower automatically. Not only that, but it also makes them insensitive to light leaks, and less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and minor breeding errors.

Indoors, Auto AK-47 is a party for the grower, but outdoors in the summer, it is even more so: while all "normal" cannabis plants don't even think about flowering, you are already reaping sweet Auto AK-47 fruits.

The plants reach a height of 75 to 100 centimeters, deliver an average of 45 to 70 grams of weed per plant and flower for about 70 days.

And, thanks to the added ruderalis autoflowers are noted for their ability to thrive in the cooler, wetter areas of the Northern Hemisphere, such as New York State. Highly recommended! 

4. Blue Dream


Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain, consisting of 60% Sativa genetics and 40% Indica genetics. This hybrid is the result of crossing Haze X Blueberry, one from Northern California, America, to be precise.

The history of Blue Dream goes back several decades, despite the suddenly known success of this cannabis strain. Unfortunately, the history surrounding Blue Dream is very vague, but that makes it all the more interesting to research and cultivate this strain.

"Blue" in her name is due to her ancestor Blueberry. Her bloom is certainly reminiscent of that, with beautiful natural, green colors. During flowering, the almost bright orange hairs and sparkling crystals (trichomes) stand out nicely against the bright green leaves.

We recommend using a grow tent or greenhouse to protect her from the vagaries of the climate in New York State.

As far as her taste is concerned, she lives up to her name and is truly a dream to smoke. You will especially recognize the sweet, fruity Blueberry, supplemented with fresh undertones of grapes and flowers.

Finally, the floral taste subtly emerges, reminiscent of lavender. A true taste sensation due to the Blueberry X Haze crossing, which will certainly spoil your taste buds.

The firmness of the taste is due to the Haze that is used, and you will certainly recognize influences from this in the taste. However, the main flavors are descended from its Blueberry ancestors.

Blue Dream brings you a wonderful balance between physical relaxation and strong mental influences, such as a euphoric feeling. Freedom, happiness and creativity will alternate during this very diverse high that will be fairly calm.

While you will notice many Indica characteristics as you grow and bloom, her high will always be slightly dominated by Sativa genetics. Over time, however, the high will develop into a soothing, relaxing Indica high.

For novice users, the effect can be overwhelming, given its relatively high THC content of about 20%. Therefore, as a novice user, enjoy it in moderation.

This is an excellent cannabis strain for both novice and seasoned cannabis smokers. Especially the variety and development in/of the effect makes many smokers crazy about Blue Dream.

5. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a well-loved strain among medical marijuana users and recreational users who love the boost in mood and energy levels. Its Sativa-dominant qualities provide consumers with overwhelmingly cerebral experiences.

The stone from Sour Diesel has a rapid effect that will leave you couch-locked for the entire evening. However, this strain will never leave you feeling anxious or paranoid, like a typical Sativa. Prepare to feel like the life and soul of the party.

This variety of cannabis also offers very effective medicinal qualities. People often use it to treat depression, chronic pain, stress and other minor ailments.

Sour Diesel grows in tall plants which is why we will prefer to control it in case of limited height. When grown in New York State, try and leave the harvest as late as possible before the frosts for the best-quality weed.